Follow Santa Claus On Christmas Eve

It’s time to follow Santa Claus on the Norad Santa Tracker.

13 thoughts on “Follow Santa Claus On Christmas Eve

      1. Merry Christmas to all my fellow SC alums and fans who have enriched me throughout this season with great conversations in this blog.

        Fight On!

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  1. Merry Xmas and Haooy New Year Scott! Thanks for allowing people concerned about SC athletics to speak their minds and experience major catharsis!


  2. Merry Christmas to all my friends. great conversations in this are a very special festival for us, and we celebrate it with heart. every one wanna take a gift from Santa Claus, so wait for him.


  3. Hi, I really appreciate the inclusion of woodland elements into the holiday decorations. Birds, nests, live greenery, etc. provide such a nice balance to all that is glittery. Looking forward to all that you will bring to us in 2020!cbd oil


  4. Christmas Eve is often referred to as “Christmas day” or the evening before Christmas Day the traditional festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is celebrated around the globe, and Christmas Eve enjoys tremendous popularity worldwide. Millions of Christians and families mark this special day with great gusto and excitement. The night before Christmas Eve can be quite stressful for a family if children are not kept well-protected. The following article will help you to ensure that your family is kept safe and happy on Christmas Eve. The first safety tip that you must consider is ensuring that all members of your family are dressed appropriately for Christmas Eve, especially children. Children should ideally wear pastel colors and small or no costumes, as there is a lot of risk that they could catch food or drink and become seriously ill. Many countries around the world have a tradition where children take part in a dried fruits tradition at dinner on Christmas Eve; however, if this does not appeal to you then you should take the time to check with each other whether any of your family members suffer from allergies to certain foods or drinks prior to the evening in order to make arrangements for them to take part in this traditional event.


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