USC Official: Business School Dean’s Ouster Could Cost Up To $40 Million In Donations

It isn’t every day an employee at USC speaks publically about how much money the university could lose in donations. But Sara Jensen, senior director of development for the Marshall School of Business, told Poets and Quants that her office is projecting a loss of between $30-40 million in donations following the ouster of Dean Jim Ellis.

“Our team is putting together a list of donors who have contacted us saying they either will not pay their pledge or who will not donate unless Jim is reinstated,” Jensen said. “That number is based on people who proactively contacted us during the past month, but there may be other donors who we haven’t heard from yet. From my personal relationships, we’re projected to lose over $20 million.”

The fact an actual employee is speaking on the record is pretty extraordinary. And shows how dysfunctional USC continues to be whether in the adminstration or athletic dept.


12 thoughts on “USC Official: Business School Dean’s Ouster Could Cost Up To $40 Million In Donations

  1. Get rid of the ‘interim’ ‘president’ ‘Metoo’ female that is Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom certified and push back before this strategy succeeds and a similar is hired as the permanent president.

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  2. My concern is that the cadre of profound academic administrators at the presidential level who are pursued by the Trustees will not want to entertain coming to SC due to the multitude of problems the university has been beseiged with in recent years. Why would a president with proven skillsets in leadership want to step into a “beehive” and run the risk of tainting an impressive administrative record running an institution with a blackeye that he/she might end up with st SC? And, by the way, this applies to head football coaches as well.


    1. Are you serious? A meteoric rise under Steve Sample and maintained by Nikias when suddenly <2 yrs. ago the first of a series of craters begins to open suddenly renders this as a 'high risk' job? Is Louisville deemed the same or PA St. or Duke? How about MI St?

      Three of the USN&WR national top 25 schools are located here in LA County – Cal Tech, USC and bel-air tech. USC is a 'plum' job the goal is to garner interest based on what both Sample and Nikias have accomplished and frankly it is a challenge just as resurrecting the football program is.

      Let's see what the Trustees do with this latest blowback against the 'metoo' approved and sanctioned 'temp' decide. Rick Caruso is a very strong morally grounded Catholic-Christian and I doubt he's suddenly going to sanction some feminazi or worse a gutless 'he/she' being left with the reins.


      1. Commie Lush, bozo u has no academic business in the same breathe as Cal Tech and UCLA. However, when it comes to squeezing alumni funds for the bozo endowment, SUCCX and Nikias have zero peers.

        If you’re a bozo megastar fundraiser, you can do no wrong. For instance, Dr. Geo. Tyndall excelled at fundraising. Hence the ugly reports of Tyndall’s vile behavior were considered insignificant compared to the large contributions he funneled to SUCCX endowment.

        Commie Lush, you’re a poster boy for 21st Century misogynist. Donnie Trump could use a man your misogynistic bent, but unfortunately, he has no use for a 24/7 lush.


  3. Sorry your alma mater is in a valley, SW; every valley has a peak on the horizon. How about some news on Jaelen Phillips.


  4. Everybody was partying under Max Nikias , Pat Haden was the highest paid Athletic Director in the country, and good ole Dr. George Tyndall was taking personal pictures of his patients vagina’s . The USC administration, along with Nikias, thought they were untouchable, but the joke is on them, and now the University will suffer for a long time. And based on some of the recent comments coming out of Lynn Swann’s mouth , you can tell the arrogance is still looming in the air at USC


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