Bad Athletic Directing 101

Since Lynn Swann is finally under the microscope, here’s another story of how he acts.

I heard a USC donor approached him recently about the state of the baseball program and Swann did not want to listen and then became argumentative.

This is consistent with many other stories I’ve heard about Swann not wanting to interact or respect others.


12 thoughts on “Bad Athletic Directing 101

  1. When will a new president be appointed? The following timeline seems unacceptable.

    May 2018 – Nikias resigns under pressure 10 months ago.

    November, 2018 – it takes 6 months from Nikias’s resignation to form a candidate profile. Really? 6 months just to form the list of attributes the new President should have?

    February, 2019. 9 months after Nikias’s resignation. Report states that Morton Schapiro, former USC faculty and Dean, and current president of Northwestern, is a leading candidate for the USC president’s job. Schapiro states that he hasn’t been contacted.

    March, 2019. Has anyone been contacted? At this point, does SC even have a chance of attracting a high quality candidate?

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    1. Outstanding timeline 67, but it excludes pertinent facts.

      1) Nikias still resides in the San Marino, Clown U President’s mansion.

      2) Nikias remains a tenured Professor at Clown U.

      3) Nikias is voted a Lifetime, Clown U, BOT membership subsequent to his resignation.

      4) Nikias is indispensable?

      5) Obviously, there exists a BOT Bolshevik “we luv nicki” faction.

      6) What rational, eminently qualified bozo President candidate would care to be responsible to the prevailing Clown U dysfunctional, deviant BOT.

      SUCCX stumbles on.


    2. Nikias is still running the show and he needs to be very careful about who he puts in place as president so that they don’t throw his corrupt ass under the bus.

      The USC BOT is made up of a bunch of fucking corrupt chickenshit assholes, they don’t give two shits about USC or its reputation.

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    3. 67 —We still might be able to attract one or two sterling candidates —-but, rest assured, they won’t really be in the running. What the BOT is looking for is a Clay Helton with hair.

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  2. Remember this deal, that has corruption written all over it, that brought Wanda Austin into the picture and who was a safe pick to help slow the process of picking a new president so Nikias could try and cover his tracks and clean up the clusterfuck mess he made of USC…

    USC secures designation for federal funding

    June 3, 2014 in News

    Due to the joint efforts of USC and the city of Los Angeles, Southern California has been designated a “Manufacturing Community” by the federal government and will receive priority access to $1.3 billion in funds for local aerospace and advanced manufacturing. USC President C.L. Max Nikias and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti made a joint announcement at a press conference on May 28.

    “The Manufacturing Community designation has profound implications for Southern California, especially in aerospace and defense,” Nikias said in a press release. “For the past 50 years, USC has enjoyed very close ties with these industries and has educated some of the brightest talent in their ranks.”

    The effort, led by Garcetti and USC, brought together academic institutions, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, government agencies and the aerospace industry to create the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership for Southern California. The USC Center for Economic Development at USC Price was the lead co-applicant.

    “My top priority is to leave the recession in the rearview mirror by making sure Los Angeles is ready for the jobs and industries of tomorrow,” Garcetti said at the press conference.

    Southern California was one of 12 communities selected for the designation from a pool of 70 applicants. The economic plan, potential for impact and the depth of public-private partnership were all factors in the decision.

    “It’s a very great day, I’m glad we won,” said Leonard Mitchell, executive director of the USC Center for Economic Development at the press conference. “Now we can really get on with the work that will be beneficial to the southern region of California and in fact, the whole state of California.”

    Wanda Austin runs with that aerospace industry crowd, if anyone knows the ins and outs of taking, using, laundering and dispersing Federal Funds, it’s her corrupt ass.

    Not that Max Nikias needed to be shown the ropes on corruption related matters, but Wanda Austin makes a loyal lieutenant.

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    1. You’re on to a different but very important topic here, tebow. And this is way bigger than USC. Maybe the people of Los Angeles will start asking questions about where these federal grant monies (and their state and federal taxes, as well as their property taxes, etc., etc.) really go. Maybe they’ll start asking which developers are being subsidized by their tax dollars. Maybe they’ll get interested in how their airport, and harbor and water & power departments operate —and who’s being enriched by the contracts they give out.

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      1. I was just reading how Prop 71 which was supposed to promote embryonic stem cell research has been turned into a cesspool of cronyism where there is no real oversight. Corruption seems to be the way of Alta Kalifornia these days.

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      2. This is my personal take on what’s wrong with America, gt —-The cities haven’t gotten so big that no one really monitors how they spend public funds. Sure, people can watch city councils debate how they spend 10% of the money collected from taxpayers but the proprietary departments with their multi billion dollar budgets go essentially un-monitored. Folks are complaining about USC now —but the fact is probably most of the big cities in the USA are criminal enterprises. If a president —democrat or republican —REALLY wanted to clean up the country and get tax money back to the people in terms of services they’d file RICO lawsuits against the city governments of the ten biggest cities in the USA.
        #… AndAfterThat,AgainstTheTenNextBiggest,Etc.,Etc.

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    2. TO, linking Austin with Nikias seems suspect.

      Are you claiming A and N conspired to fire James Ellis, dean of the MSB, for covert reasons?

      It doesn’t make sense, wasn’t Ellis appointed or blessed as dean by Nikias?


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