Morning Buzz: One Possible Way USC Got Involved In Admission Scandal

It is Monday so what will this week’s scandal be?

I think an undercovered aspect of the college admission scandal has been the role of former USC women’s soccer coach Ali Khosroshahin and his assistant coach Laura Janke.

We now know the scandal came to the government’s attention when a Los Angeles-based parent whose daughter played club soccer implicated the Yale women’s soccer coach. Khosroshahin and Janke run a club soccer program.

Is it possible William Singer, who orchestrated the whole scheme, used Khosroshahin and Janke as a means to get to Donna Heinel?

Someone had to approach Heinel and make a proposal to get her involved in all of this.

That would explain how Heinel would ever get tangled up with Singer when they had no prior relationship. Court documents show she worked closely with Janke on the fabricated cases of athletes getting into USC.

Singer directed around $350,000 to the private soccer club run by Khosroshahin and Janke, according to court documents. The pair designated four children of Singer’s clients as recruits for the USC women’s soccer team but none of those children actually played competitive soccer.



14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: One Possible Way USC Got Involved In Admission Scandal

  1. Scott, my dear friend, I just hope nothing big relating to this scandal breaks on opening day when we play Fresno State.

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    1. I feel bad for Olivia Jade, since game day and before-and-after parties she so looked forward to couldn’t have been any more than just meh and not much fun to share with her million plus followers. Being an airhead may be a virtue for an influencer (USC will soon have to start a degree program in that discipline) but obviously a handicap when it comes to gauging the health of USC football program and the fun to be derived from it. I suggest we start a Kickstarter fund to raise enough money to get her into Clemson or Bama as a champion curler.

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      1. Are there, in fact, admission standards for the SEC schools?

        “F’Quenturia, state your name”
        “Fuuuuuh, Quuuuu. Hell, I can’t even pronounce it”
        “When were you born?”
        “OK, grab a towel & see Coach”

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      2. 67 —I just read an old article by Dan Weber. One line really stands out: “No employee in the Athletic Department is afraid ANYBODY is checking up on them.” That’s the most succinct condemnation of the present goings on I’ve read. The implied premise is that—- not only does Swann CURRENTLY not know how to do his job —-those working under him safely assume he’ll NEVER take the pains to learn.

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      3. Michael, Thanks – Dan Weber is a great resource. Somewhere, somehow, I believe that Swann (and Haden) completely lost their way.

        They should have known they had absolutely no business taking the job of SC AD. Were they that arrogant? Perhaps.

        Once in the job, were they so clueless that they couldn’t see they were thrown into the deep end, and needed to figure the job out? Maybe they were that clueless.

        But what really gets me is that both Haden and Swann show every appearance of having a never-ending thirst for power, money, and influence, to the detriment of most everyone whom they come in contact with. Whether it is the honest and committed faculty, staff, and students at SC, or the kids who would have received much more more scholy money from the foundation that Haden ran, those are the real losers of all of this. And Haden and Swann continue to cash their bi-weekly cash, without even an ounce of self-reflection or remorse.

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      4. 67 — Very nicely stated. We’ve all been “thrown in the deep end” from time to time and had to figure out how to survive. Like everyone else on this site, I’ve been placed in positions where I was responsible for employees and annual budgets and had to spend long hours asking around to figure out how to do what was expected of me. Could it conceivably be that Swann never looked into the preferred walk on process? Never wondered how students were entering under that process and never contributing to USC Athletics? Did he actually think the Athletic Director was NOT responsible for how the Athletic Department was being run? Is that even conceivable?

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      5. 67 –More and more that phrase —“It’s inconceivable –but it happened anyway” —-covers stuff connected to USC Athletics. Is there any better phrase to describe calling 2 time outs in a row and getting hit with a delay of game penalty when play resumes? Or refusing to bench a center who repeatedly loses games by either snapping the ball into the endzone or dribbling it to the qb on the ground? Or announcing that we’re “happy & delighted” for players who are employing the transfer portal to head for greener pastures?

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  2. Pudly76

    MARCH 17, 2019 AT 6:00 PM

    Micheal, last I checked SC is a privately owned/run institution and who they take and the criteria used to choose is only up to them…unless of course we started taking public monies that seem to always come with restrictions. I say screw the public funds and open up the bidding.
    The thing that gets me is with the huge influx of Asian students, and the long history of the region to be free of any graft or palm greasing, how Americans can believe there isn’t an Asian version of this story. Nah. Nobody would ever cheat or payoff a school official to boost grades.

    Pudly76 has personally offered to sponsor and help support fellow dolt Olivia Jade in her quest to fulfill her ambition of being able to enjoy the college football game day partying experience.

    Pudly has offered to leave his grandmothers basement for 3 hours a day for the duration of one month in order that he may collect aluminum cans and donate recycling funds to the “Olivia Jade College Football Game Day Partying Experience” scholarship fund.

    Last Pudly76 checked, Olivia Jade was leaning toward committing to the University of Alabama where she hopes to meet up and party with Crimson Tide alumn…Forrest Gump.


  3. I agree to a certain extent that a private school can use its own criteria for admission. For accreditation purposes and fulfilling other commitments they need to establish a baseline. If someone wishes to attend the school, but doesn’t reach the minimum, there is a case by case appeals process.
    USC and others just got caught selling the appeal process to the highest bidders. The consequences could mean loss of federal funding and grants for research.
    We haven’t heard the last of this mess and Swann should be reviewing every staff member for any hint of foul dealing. I assume the role boys will be caddying soon.

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  4. It matters not who spoke to who the glaring fact is that USC was the most culpable of all the schools and the one who grifted the most was ‘progressive friend of Pat Haden’ Donna Heinel.

    She wasn’t ‘tangled’ in anything….she was looking for a ‘play’ and couldn’t have cared less how crooked it was…she was the ring leader – a cool $1.3 million.

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