Carol Folt On Admissions Scandal

During her press conference today, new USC president Carol Folt addressed the college admissions scandal:

“We have to dig deep, and it won’t just be USC. This is going to be all our universities, and I think, especially when you get down to admissions, trust is so important. Everybody wants to believe that we are doing the right thing for bringing people to our universities.

“The important thing isn’t to run from that. It’s to embrace that problem straight-on. I am not afraid about taking on challenges.”

  • On another note, I wonder how Folt will feel when she finds out Lynn Swann makes between $3-4 million per year. She made a base salary of around $600,000 at North Carolina.

17 thoughts on “Carol Folt On Admissions Scandal

  1. Who in his right mind decided to give that idiot Swann anywhere near that amount of money? Good night no wonder he showed up for this ‘investiture’. No golf today but let’s see what tomorrow brings huh Lynn?

    He’s worst than Haden and that saying something….Swann is the most absolute worst AD in the history of any major programs anywhere.

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      1. Great find Pudly! Let’s all hope this new president distances herself enough from the two worst hires (Swann and Helton) as well as any ‘back door’ charm offensive by Haden and hopefully, having seen how corrupt a top tier mens basketball program can be riddled with corruption and bad coaching, aims the same at the athletic dept. and football in particular.

        What are the odds Nikias has been told to vacate the San Marino manse?

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      2. Alv —They wouldn’t have selected the new president if Nikias hadn’t finished tying all the loose ends together before she got here. [And maybe part of her deal is to leave them tied up —-as long as they don’t relate to any ongoing investigation].

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    1. And who in their right mind pays a buffoon like Helton $3.5 million a year? Talk about highway robbery. The rest of the Pac 12 coaches have to be laughing and crying over that one.

      When you combine Lynn’s and Helton’s reported salaries, it means that USC spends $6-7 million dollars a year to flush its athletics programs down the drain.

      The most angering part is that when both get fired, their pay out packages will be tens of millions of dollars. They’ll be set for life for having been the worst people in their jobs in school history. USC sure loves to light its farts on fire with $100 bills.

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  2. Other than throwing all other universities under the bus to deflect, did she say anything?

    So she is getting paid less than Swann? Maybe that will motivate her to fire him?

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    1. 67 where is the ‘sheet’ citing Swann getting that large a salary? I read your study and USC is noticeably absent so where does that claim by Wolf of Swann’s current salary, hail from?

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      1. Rusoviet, I have no idea where Scottie found those numbers for Swann’s salary.

        Performance bonuses can provide up to 50 percent of compensation.

        I don’t know what is worse, the idea that Swann received a “performance bonus”, or that his base salary is not just absurd, but completely bat sh*t absurd.

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  3. Swann must be a very resourceful guy. He must have pics of many BOT with barnyard animals.


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  4. The comments on this Wolf thread are simply hilarious.

    Now that the new bozo President is installed, what are the odds Swann shows up for the Master’s Tournament Week?

    Three or four bozo millions a year to Swann to play golf and pose for PR photo ops is truly remarkable. Talk about easy money; Swann has scalped Clown U for tons of benjis.

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  5. Pudly76,

    Two ways of getting rid of the Mad Greek out of San Marino, show up with torches, axes, and pitch forks and gently let him know it is time to leave, or send a bunch of turks and have them ban on his door. I’m not condoning violence, just a gentle nudge.

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