USC Morning Buzz: What Are Odds Carol Folt Makes Changes?

Can we read any tea leaves with new USC president Carol Folt on how she might deal with the dysfunctional athletic dept.?

When Folt was president of North Carolina, the only athletic director was Bubba Cunningham, who was hired after the NCAA started its investigation into the athletic-academic scandal. Larry Fedora was the only football coach until being fired in November.

It should also be mentioned that Cunningham is a real athletic director, serving as the A.D. at Tulsa and Ball State before coming to North Carolina. So he’s not a former football star more interested in playing golf.

Ironically, as she is about to be replaced, interim Wanda Austin was actually asked about Lynn Swann‘s performance as athletic director in an interview with Annenberg Media.

“My comments would be that we certainly are doing a complete investigation around athletics because of the admission scandal and concern,” Austin said. “After we complete that review and find out the facts of who knew what and/or who should have known what. That obviously will be something that will be reviewed with the board.”

Should Swann have known about the college admissions scandal? He will argue no. Others will disagree.

  • USC held its Pro Day on Wednesday and the most impressive stat was center Toa Lobendahn doing the bench press 36 times. Lobendahn’s mark would have ranked second among all players at the NFL combine.

Here are 40 times: Isaiah Langley 4.50; Marvell Tell 4.57; Aca’Cedric Ware 4.60; Ajene Harris 4.63; Jonathan Lockett 4.69; Porter Gustin 4.73; Austin Applebee 4.75; Tyler Petite 4.76; Reuben Peters 4.96; Malik Dorton 5.12; Jordan Austin 5.37; Chris Brown 5.48.

Marvell Tell also registered a 41-inch vertical leap, which would have tied for fifth among safeties at the combine.

  • Former USC coach Steve Sarkisian will be paid $1.55 million next season at Alabama.

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Are Odds Carol Folt Makes Changes?

  1. Well that is encouraging – what transpired per her stint at NC. Swann has been able to stay on solely due to their not being a full-time president at USC until yesterday. USC has to change the culture of corruption mixed with the indifference that has plagued the school for nearly 10 years. Until Swann is sacked the athletic dept will be seen as condoning what it just was exposed as – to the highest bidder.

    If Swann is truly making anywhere close to that cited $3-4 million, that fact alone is why it is such a mess.

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    1. Carol is a mean, corrupt 69 year old educrat so she will be a place holder whose job it will be to maintain the culture of corruption, lack of transparency and indifference and punish anyone who dares to speak out about it.

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      1. I agree with you on this … for goodness sake, the only university in the competition with USC for most corrupt athletic department [of those subject to review – ie not in the sacred cow echelon (non bottom-feeder in the SEC or Notre Dame/Michigan)] was North Carolina (chief perpetrator Roy “Aw shucks! Ak-uh-dim-ic frod? Huh? What’s That?” Williams still going strong).

        So like a bank that is under pressure for misdeeds that hires the president of a bank that engages, albeit successfully, in the same practices, we are going to hire…of course, we do the same thing with ADs and head coaches, so why not…

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      2. Mean (under the sweet surface)? Check. Lack of transparency? Check. Punishment for those who speak out? That’s why she was hired. But she gave an applause worthy performance lat night—-so just consider her Max with style.

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      3. I don’t know what you’re going on about? – isn’t ‘mean’ what everyone here has been demanding to get a couple of people sacked? I doubt anyone thinks that someone hired to ‘fix’ this mess could be anything but mean. I welcome mean

        I welcome whatever changes take place and I will say this considering the money that female dog Heinel grifted from Singer imagine if that troll doll’s evil stunts hadn’t been uncovered? What ‘plan’ did that ‘progressive LGBQT’ have up her sleeve if she hadn’t been ‘found out’? Especially whatever scheme she had to present to a ‘new’ president and rest assured her (Heinel’s) [for the moment her claim] of being ‘female’ would have been one of her strongest bulwark against any curiosity of what exactly did she do and who vetted her findings?


    1. Wrong Pac 12. She has no historical ties to the present crew at USC —-but she was picked precisely because she fits in so perfectly to the “culture”. The fact that much better qualified, bigger names were passed over and she was selected unanimously tells you everything you need to know. I guess the knowledge that the multi billionaire Chair of the Board has previously called for an opposing voice to be dragged out of a board meeting kinda cuts down on the number of “nay” votes.

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  2. I’m not going to lie, I think Schapiro would have been a better hire. But I’m going to give Carol until the end of the year to see the lay of the land and determine who is competent and who is just collecting a paycheck. By then she better bring down the hammer on the losers. Failing that, we know she was hired to maintain the status quo.

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  3. Why does Folt look like she is on Prozac or other drugs? Didn’t she do enough drugs at ucsb? if she is Italian, then hopefully she has Sicilian blood and has Swann’s feet embedded into cement shoes and is swimming in the Pacific.

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    1. p.t. —Folt is not Sicilian —she’s Albanian. [Note: We Sicilians have never limited ourselves to cement slippers —consult all the Godfather movies].

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  4. With all the shit she inherited, I think it is wishful thinking that this gal is going to immediately get involved with the ineptitude of Swann and his minions. Even a this point when the head coaches of football, basketball and baseball should be summarily dismissed. She is a career politician bureaucrat and will move where the wind blows from the BOT. I do not see her as a change agent at all. She will be like Swann and ride the winds of a fat pay check and will be resistant to meaningful changes culturally. Frankly, I am not sure we want her culture at USC. she will have to clean up the mess of the admission scandal, Tyndal, etc. but athletics will be the last thing she gets to if ever. Just my opinion.

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    1. Yeah a lot of truth to that insight a lot – priorities are getting the ‘rot’ out of any future admission scam ‘but’ if there is any other individual in the athletic dept. then there just might be an accelerated move on Swann and his minions.


    1. Cue the banter in Aliens – “I’ve got a bad feeling about this drop…”
      I’ve got a bad feeling you’re right…I ranted a few months ago about how people get lulled into this entitled sense of “can’t happen here”…the hell it can’t…look at Georgetown basketball losing at home to Harvard in the NIT last night (with Patrick Ewing on the sidelines)…look at Miami and FSU football…Houston is attempting to be relevant in NCAA sports for the first time since Hakeem Olajuwon…Louisville has flirted with the precipice…for that matter, Notre Dame has danced a lot with the same…
      It can happen…here…and we’re living it…

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      1. Totally correct, James. And —were someone to read your reply to our new president —–all she’d say is, “poor boys and their football”……..

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      2. MG
        Whether intentionally or not (and with you I always suspect the former), you’ve actually hit on the sine qua non – does her nature, her ego, require her to be self aware enough to in turn care enough … in short, do her feelings of self-worth include a significant enough component of “I am doing a good job and everyone knows it”…or is this, as has already been discussed here, fearfully, just another pig diving at the trough?

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      3. MG
        Then your instincts are more than adequate!
        In all seriousness…that “I am both self-aware and define myself by how well I objectively do my job” matter…well, just like with GH vs CH…it’s our Tatooine farm boy…

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      4. James —I’ve seen the dark look that comes over Clay’s face whenever he’s challenged a tiny bit at one of his pressers. It’s the same look we all saw on Callaway’s face. I’m sure players who are on the “outs” see it all the time….

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      5. MG
        No doubt…in fact, he rather has more of a Captain Piett about him…or whoever was in charge of that shield generator bunker on the Endor sanctuary moon…take your pick – they both were feckless sycophants who managed to routinely lose to inferior forces…

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  5. I tried but failed to find an explanation of the NC Tar Heel mascot that completely satisfied my curiosity. Most say it has to do with tar deposits and exports from North Carolina. Some say it had to do with North Carolina dragging their feet on leaving the union during the Civil War. Whatever it really is, it seems to be equated to dragging ones feet on decision. I don’t many changes coming quickly, although her first day in office is July, she can start dragging now.

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    1. …when I first started reading I though you were referring to the pissed off looking ram with that sort of Pan (sweater wearing up on two legs) thing going on!

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      1. Originally that’s what I was looking for. I will admit I am using a kindle fire to surf the net, which is sorta like using a 99 cent store calculator to compute the complete set of numbers in PI

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