Will USC Ban Scandal Students Reggie Bush Style?

Reggie Bush might not be the only person banned from USC.

TMZ reports Lori Loughlin‘s daughters, Olivia and Isabella, face a student-conduct hearing to determine if the girls should be banned from USC and its grounds because they were “disruptive individuals.”

The girls have already withdrawn from school.

  • I mentioned yesterday that USC’s basketball roster looks pretty thin for next year. And lo and behold, USC received a commitment today from Fairfax point guard Ethan Anderson. He was committed to UNLV before Marvin Menzies got fired and his other offers were from Colorado, Denver, Long Beach State, Nevada, Oregon State and Tulane.
  • Art Mazmanian, an All-American second baseman for USC’s 1948 national championship baseball team, died today. He was 91. Mazmanian was the baseball coach at Mt. SAC from 1968-98 and won 709 games.

19 thoughts on “Will USC Ban Scandal Students Reggie Bush Style?

  1. Pudly’s mom was banned from campus, the Coliseum and Exposition Park after having been repeatedly found lying naked on the floor in men’s restrooms soliciting all comers about how she wanted them to be her and Pudly’s daddy.


    1. Still waiting for you. But it isn’t gonna happen. The next thing that you say good about SC will be your first. You aren’t anything but a troll.

      Hillbilly Troll. 💋


      1. Alv —Yes. Enough is enough. Let’s move on. This is starting to seem too much like high school (which was a lot of fun —but, then again, we were teenagers).


  2. Art was as loyal a Trojan as Rod. There were years I often had breakfast with him at his favorite little place in Covina. He also attended my second wedding. He was so funny and knowledgeable and down to earth! My sincere condolences to his family. I hope you can find your peace…..

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    1. Coach Maz also coached many years in the Yankee organization …..the Oneonta Yankees in the New York-Penn League. Gonna miss a truly engaging person! Wtg, coach! Fight On!

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      1. Where are all the good Trojans? Is it over? Are the good times really over? This makes a grown man weep….wasn’t ready for this…


      2. To all those in power at USC now: Can you just play it straight? Without fleecing our school? Is that possible? I just want some peace about it, but, it seems we’re fresh out….😥

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      3. And the Lord says, “ to whom much is given, much is required.” This verse indicates from Him, that there are consequences for squandered opportunities….you think everything going on at USC past, present and future is simply physical? This has become a spiritual battle….and to do spiritual battle, you must pray….out of the spotlight, in private, so He may verify contrition….

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  3. a little good news for basketball, sad news for baseball but at 91 and his history leads one to think he sure had a good life and obviously some success…the girls…give’em a break…they are only girls who have never had to grow up,but that process maybe under way…kinda’ like watching Goldie in Pvt Benjamin

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    1. Amen on both points Leftwich….passing of a great athlete and yeah those girls and their parents will bear that ‘scarlet A’ the rest of their lives. The parents might consider some jail time if only to assuage the contempt they now shoulder. The girls might consider a career in ‘service to others’ …. none of us would want what they now face.

      It is Singer, the ratboy, and his ‘co-partner’ Heinel that deserve the jail time. His face of ‘contrition’ is as all are when ‘found out’….they got caught but in ratboy’s case, he took them all down …. love to see the tape of Singer pleading for a ‘deal’ after that Yale womens soccer coach dropped his name to the feds.

      Rat boy Singer and progressive Heinel….throw the book at them both.

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      1. Hit him hard in his wallet,take all of his ‘ill gotten gain’ that is how you hurt people that are like him,even attach any future money he makes say 50%.I would prefer not paying to house him at 50,000 + /yr…probation forever sounds good. Parents and the kids were duped and have lost much,there’s is no criminal conspiracy on their part they have learned. The Univ Admin people ? They intentionally committed their acts also for their ‘ill gotten gain’ and should lose it all and have probation forever , and attached wages in lieu of prison and also to repay all damages and costs.

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