A Historical Precedent For Firing Clay Helton

One argument I still hear every once in awhile about keeping Clay Helton is that he won a Rose Bowl and Pac-12 title.

Well, in 1950, USC coach Jeff Cravath was forced to resign after going 2-5-2. Cravath had four won Pacific Coast Conference titles and went to four Rose Bowls.

But he still got fired after that bad season in 1950. And one of his two victories was over Notre Dame. So Helton could have been fired after a bad 2018 season.


12 thoughts on “A Historical Precedent For Firing Clay Helton

  1. But who was the athletic director? I am willing to bet there was a much better administrative team in those days. And also the salary was probably in line with reality instead of astronomical unrealistic amounts. The next coaching contract needs a failure to produce results clause. These buyouts are unheard of.

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  2. Cravath was a legendary player and coach under Howard Jones and appt SC head coach upon Jones untimely death.He had been head coach at other Univ also, he had a good career at SC until the last yr, and RESIGNED and never coached again, he died a couple yrs later.He was replaced by another great Trojan athlete Jess Hill. I think he deserves better than to be compared to helton…just my humble opinion.

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    1. Cravath was also a great innovator. I believe he designed or significantly contributed to the development of the modern T-formation. And he never had a Sam Darnold under center.

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  3. Wolf, as usual this is a reach. Helton will be canned in October of this year after the Trojans lose at ND after going 2-5. The new bimbo Prez will finally get on Swanns ass and make him do something – anything. Donor $ will be in the tank and they will be in the hole on the. Coliseum. The old adage is true – follow the $.

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  4. The only chance Helton has of getting fired is if Trojan fans stay away from the Coliseum on game day.

    Maybe when nationally televised games from the Coliseum are aired and there are only 35,000 – 40,000 people in attendance those numbskull dumb shits on the BOT will wake up and fire Swann and Helton’s incompetent asses.

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  5. After last season, It’s more than obvious that Helton should be fired. Every season that he coached at SC, he did less with more. There is certainly a good case to be made that he should have been fired after every season.


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