USC Saturday Buzz: What Is Definition Of Accountability?

Gus Ruelas/USC

Rick Caruso, chairman of the USC Board of Trustees, made an interesting comment about the College Admissions scandal.

“Everybody needs to be held accountable,” Caruso said. “We need to investigate it, fix the problem and move on.”

So how does Caruso define being accountable? Should Lynn Swann be held accountable for Donna Heinel’s actions? Should Swann be punished because Heinel was allowed to be a one-person operation when it came to admissions?

Does Swann get exonerated because he was ignorant of Heinel’s duties?

That’s a big question to be answered. USC would send an amazing message regarding accountability if it dumped Swann for his lack of oversight the past three years.

  • USC holds a “situational scrimmage” this morning at Howard Jones Field.
  • Narbonne wide receiver Joshua Jackson will announce his college choice today. No one will be surprised if Jackson chooses USC.
  • Remember Korn Ferry, the consulting search firm that helped USC hire Steve Sarkisian as football coach? It didn’t hurt their reputation. The firm recently led a search that led Vanderbilt to hire Malcolm Turner as athletic director. And Turner said Friday that Korn Ferry will help him find a new basketball coach after he fired Bryce Drew.

Korn Ferry has done athletic director searches for Kansas, Virginia, Louisville, Illinois and Syracuse. USC recently used Isaacson, Miller to run the search that resulted in hiring new president Carol Folt.

  • Wonder what search firm will be used to replace band director Arthur Bartner?
  • USC men’s volleyball will play Long Beach State in the North Gym tonight at 7. The Trojans used to play in the North Gym before the Galen Center opened. The Trojans were kicked out of the Galen Center because the arena is hosting the Kids Choice Awards.

37 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: What Is Definition Of Accountability?

      1. Wow, an internet bully. You must really be smart using profanity like this. Hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Your just another troll wasting time on another schools site. Like your little buddy, hillbilly, the two toughest guys on the internet.
        Hahahahaha! 💋💋🖕

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      2. Pudly —Now that karma knows EVERYBODY is tired of this, you’d think he’d stop. I mean what is the point? He makes some interesting football observations, why waste time with this infantile stuff?

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      1. Pudly — As much as it hurts to say this, I gotta tell you that Folt was not selected for her “moral fortitude.” That’s the last thing the BOT wants outta her. She’s in the job to do everything necessary to bring the university into a state of perfect political correctness (at a time when more and more people are fed up with political correctness)….

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      2. I hope you’re wrong. But with her educational background it’s hard to argue the point. The rehearing of the title IX cases will go a long way in setting a tone for her time here. I’m not real excited, but then miracles could happen.

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    1. That’s not true, karma. There will be lots and lots and lots of talk about doing something —- public statements, internal reports, blue ribbon committees, BOT debate, thousands of words……

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      1. Accountability…hmm..what a novel idea…maybe start with Swann showing up for work a day or two a week? Cancelling his Virginia autograph trip? J

        Given that a complete and total clusterf**k happened on Swann’s watch, maybe Austin says “Pretty please Lynn, could you forgo traveling to Augusta for the Masters just this one year? ”

        BTW, some faculty I know at the b-school are now calling Austin “Prez Baptist” for her parodic statement about Helton and his sex life. Austin: “Clay doesn’t sleep around, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, so he is ok in my book. He will lead us back to victory”.

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  1. Korn Ferry recommended Peterson. But the fix was in for Sark because Steve Lopes and Mark Jackson felt he “got” USC, i.e. “Let’s Party Like it’s 2004!” So they got into Haden’s ear, and Haden then botched the “interview” with Peterson.

    Again, the problem with having an inexperienced Athletic Director is that you become beholden to your staff, who often have very different interests and goals.

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    1. Whatever. I don’t remember Korn Ferry warning us about any of the problems Sark was bringing with him. And that’s what they got paid big bucks to do.

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      1. I am not a big fan of recruiting agencies such as KF. They are not independent and will do what they are told. Very rarely do you see any kind of novel or original approach to a position being filled. They are given guidelines to follow and that is what they do. Also, they do not want to jeopardize their retaining fees (which are absurd by the way). If a company or University has any kind of HR resource, large recruiting groups are a huge waste of time and especially $.

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  2. Lynn Swann wasn’t hired to be an actual athletic director, he was hired by USC/Nikas to be a figurehead, just like Tom Hanks character in the movie “A League of Their Own”.

    There’s a line in that movie that sums up Swann’s role at USC…

    Jimmy Dugan a.k.a. Lynn Swann: “It was made very clear to me what I’m supposed to do here. I smile, wave my little hat… I did that, so when do I get paid?”

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  3. Who replaces Caruso–who has a yacht girls problem. Shouldn’t he be accountable? How did his kid get into USC. Dr Bartner is grooming his own replacement. Amid the scandals a student was murdered, doesn’t anyone seem to car about him? When a girl was run over a few years ago, it seemed like the media was all over it until the driver was caught. I would think a focus would be on keeping their students alive.

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      1. Ha! [You have one board member choked out by the sergeant at arms and the rest of the board tends to fall in line pretty easily after that]….


  4. Jack Sears throws a really nice deep ball.


    The loss to ASU wasn’t on Sears it was on Helton and Clancy.

    Sears deserves a real shot at being the starter, all politics aside, if Harrell means what he says about the starting QB position being open then Sears should end up being the starter. Sears brings that added dimension of being a dual threat and that’s something the will make the Trojan offense with all it’s talented athletes scary and difficult to defend.

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    1. Thanks for posting – great footage, it really showcases the SC team speed. Yes, Sears had a really good game. No way Trojans should have given up 38 points to ASU. Not even close to that. I am sure there are some, but I can’t recall any games in which Pendergast made significant adjustments to slow the opposition down.

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    2. tebow —there is no reason why we can’t use both J. T. and Sears this season. It’s funny that you point out Sears’ long ball —that is the one thing Daniels probably does a little better (yes, I know he underthrew some balls —but he connected on some real beauties). Sears is the guy we need when we get in or close to the red zone —- with his athleticism, he gives the defense too much to think about.

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      1. Brumby —J. T. is the better thrower. Sears obviously is the better athlete. But, in the end, I think J. T. should start because he’s a better leader and he’s smarter. J. T. is the one I want in the game if we have to score in the last minute.


  5. Donna Heinel was hired by another high level administrator; Carol Dougherty during the Mike Garrett era. As I mentioned before Donna’s original job wasn’t the job she just recently got fired from. It looks as though Donna began her scheme during the end of Garrett and definitely the beginning of Haden. So who was checking her then? So let’s get real a perfect system, a perfect AD would have old school hard copy on ALL if his employees from the work-study students to his right hand person. A perfect AD would know what each person is responsible for doing, but it looks like NONE if these AD’s knew what Miss Heinel was up to. Her raines were to lose. So to say that this is Swann’s fault, I wouldn’t say that since this all started before her got there. To say this was Pat’s fault, questionable. Let’s stop pointing fingers and clean house, button line. And for those coming in they better have a clean slate and be ready to work under of microscope.

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    1. Agree with much of your post. I would add that as soon as a new AD walks in the door, whether Haden back in ’10, or Swann in ’16, then they are the supervisor. If they don’t supervise, then they haven’t done their job. I believe that Haden gave Heinel a significant promotion that probably facilitated her ability to do this and hide it.

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      1. 67 —On the money. Swann apologists always say the same thing —-let’s forget the past and move on. A lot of people, though, don’t wanna let him off the hook that easy —and, frankly, he doesn’t help himself by heading off to make a few bucks on the side while USC’s Athletic program currently is being investigated at 3 separate levels. Even if just for appearances sake (Swann’s specialty), he should be at the office, reviewing organizational structure & conducting staff interviews to determine how he can best track the preferred walk on’s admission process….

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      2. I read somewhere that Heinel helped Haden’s son ‘autism’ – shortly thereafter came the promotion as well as Haden’s son outting himself and Heinel the same. That’s when Pat Haden went after the state of IN on their state legislature passing a law permitting small businesses declining certain clientele. I’d say that is when Heinel felt safe in doing whatever she wanted and along came that rat Singer who met the spider Heinel

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  6. Okay back to the two questions raised by Scott. The answer are
    1. Yes
    As got Korn Fairy I’m sorry guys I can’t get past the name it sounds like the mascot for Nebraska bug I don’t judge.

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    1. Careful, Steve —Scott is thinking of amending his questions to read, “Should Swann be beheaded?” and “Should Helton be allowed food or water?”


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