A Lesson In USC Logic

You can see a consistent logic at USC that applies at so many levels.

Max Nikias ran USC like a dictator and scared many who worked there. He only cared about big donations.

Michael Quick was his trusty lieutenant who never had a problem stonewalling the media, faculty or students.

Lynn Swann is at golf tournaments, autograph shows and doesn’t give a damn if you think Clay Helton should be fired.

The Board of Trustees doesn’t care about the public unless there is a tidal wave about to hit it, which finally happened with Nikias.

Donna Heinel and Jovan Vavic didn’t have a problem taking around $1.6 million in the college admissions scandal. They believed no one could touch their fiefdoms.

USC didn’t care if it ignored the history of the Coliseum when it changed the name to United Airlines Memorial Coliseum. It wanted the $69 million.

There are people still working in the athletic dept. who think the fans are more a nuisance than anything else. Fans don’t know. Fans don’t get it. Only the entrenched get it. Trust us. Or go away.

It reminds me of when I used to bring up problems at USC or the way fans/ticket holders were treated. Frequently, the response would be, “if you don’t like it, go cover someone else.”

Slowly, progress is being made. But new president Carol Folt will need to an activist to really correct the culture.


13 thoughts on “A Lesson In USC Logic

  1. I don’t blame everyone for being pissed at you, Scott. For God knows how long, you’ve been trying your best to turn people against Dr. George Tyndall and Carmen Puliafito and Coach Sark and Donna Heinel and Lynn Swann and Pat Haden (I could go on….)

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    1. I don’t recall any coach he has actually thought was a good coach at SC…there must be one ,but he seems to hate anything SC. He probably didn’t like them until they were gone ,retired or dead.


      1. His job is to be a skeptic and point out flaws , not be a fan boy who is constantly blindsided when festering hidden corruption leads to embarrassing public scandals.


  2. Scottie, says “progress is being made?” Where? By hiring Folt? Hope so, though I have doubts. Any other tangible changes?


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    1. A few sacrificial lambs have been led to slaughter……but, no, there are no real indications of progress. For maybe the first time in his life, Scott is being optimistically naive….

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  3. Frankly, USC sounds like most large corporations or in its’ case a university that suddenly the ‘music stopped’ after a remarkable run of success and chairs were missing after there been plenty to sit on for the past 20 years.

    Swann is the most graphic example of what is wrong with the school – overpaid, lazy and stupid

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  4. Those assholes that work in the USC athletic dept. are the same assholes that frequent the USC football message boards and blow sunshine up Clay Helton’s ass.

    Those POS sunshine pumpers know damn well that when the two idiots Swann and Helton get canned, they’re also going to be kicked to the curb, that entire athletic dept. is for shit.

    Those USC athletic dept. assholes love to make excuses for that idiot Helton. Everyone knows “Errand Boy” can’t coach worth a damn. It’s the same filthy crowd of assholes that Haden brought in and infected the dept. with when he was hired in. They all cover for each others worthless asses just as they have done when Haden was there, pretending everything is fine so that they can hold onto their jobs…as if they this mess they made of USC Trojan athletics is something to be proud of.

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    1. True that! That’s what all corrupt empires have – aging clowns who owe their positions to their parents or grandparents i.e. GMC, Chrysler, AMC even Ford. Then wondered how the Japanese auto mfgrs. beat them to death ignoring their pathetic worthless crap cars they shoved out the door in the 1070’s with overpaid labor union slobs and equally overpaid mgmt. Their reaction was to claim the ‘unfair’ trade barriers in Japan ignoring how awful their domestic cars were and still are.

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    1. Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden’s soul is in purgatory. The only thing SC cares about is the money. Show them the money. The new president won’t do a thing to change the culture at SC. The only way you change it is by firing people by the truck load. Bring in honest and honorable people that will watch over the store internally. Externally will take care of itself.

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