Lynn Swann Feels Heat And Responds To Autograph Show Criticism

Wow, Lynn Swann blinked and put out a statement today on his controversial autograph show appearance.

For a guy who hasn’t done an interview or newsletter on the school’s website for more than a year, Swann must see how bad it looked to go to Virginia with his dept. under federal investigation.

But he was arrogant as usual.

“There will always be disagreement on decisions I make as the athletic director. I understand and I can live with that,” Swann said in his statement. “I do not make decisions in a vacuum without input from others. I do not make decisions without weighing multiple factors.”

The athletic dept. is burning, Lynn! People are upset because you play golf constantly and go to autograph shows. When do you work?

I just wrote this afternoon about how those in power dismiss everyone else. Swann did that with his statement.

Read the full statement here.


14 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Feels Heat And Responds To Autograph Show Criticism

  1. After reading this, can anyone provide a legitimate justification for Swann’s continued employment?

    He is worried about breach of contract if he didn’t appear at an autograph show. Wasn’t April Fool’s Day yesterday? Did anyone with any common sense in his dept. vet this release? This is comical.

    What about breach of contract from not fulfilling his responsibilities as AD? Did that ever cross his mind?


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    1. Wow! Hilariously clueless response. Scott has a knack for putting just the right people under the microscope—-and, then, watching them do the rest. He did it to Kiffin —-and everyone saw the results. And now he’s doing it to Swann. Following this story reminds me of those old cartoons where Jerry keeps teasing Tom The Cat until Tom flips out and a tiny trap door opens on his forehead and a little cuckoo bird on a spring pops out….singing it’s sweet song.

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      1. Question: can anyone think of another AD at a major university sign autographs for (chump) change when the said university wasn’t even mired in scandal after scandal? And why would such a low-class, tawdry activity by a major administrator be tolerated at a world class institution of higher learning even at the best of times? Enquiring minds want to know.

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      2. Answer to your question, Jake: No, I can’t think of another major university Athletic Director who signs autographs in distant locals for chump change while his department is under federal investigation and the new university president is conducting an awareness retreat ….


  2. The fact that he was so blind to the bad optics of ditching an all-hands-on-sinking-deck retreat to go to an autograph show tells you all you need to know about the man’s cluelessness. Sure, when you’re only paid 3-4 millions a year you need to find ways to supplement your income, but still…That heads have started to roll augurs well. Swanee’s days (hopefully) may be numbered.

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    1. Jake,

      The only problem to your question is that, no other AD has won a collegiate national championship, four super bowls, and mvp for super bowl.


  3. Swann doesn’t do anything when he’s on campus supposedly working anyway. He’s never earned a penny of all those millions of dollars USC has paid him.

    Lynn Swann has no shame. It’s bad enough that everyone knows that Nikias and Haden gave him the athletic director job with no responsibilities whatsoever, other than to be a worthless puppet for Nikias, but to openly admit that he travels around to signing events trying to be relevant for a few measly dollars is…pathetic.

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  4. “I signed a contract months ago to appear at the event, well before news broke of what is going on at USC now. Not showing up would have been a breach of contract.”

    You also signed a contract at USC the made you the highest paid AD to oversee the athletic department, talk about breach of contract !

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  5. You’re the fucking Athletic Director of USC and you’re signing contracts to go sign goddamn footballs and bubblegum cards in Virginia ? Are you kidding me ? This guy is a royal dunce. This numbskull doesn’t think about what (we) USC is paying him to work as Athletic Director on a daily basis. Is the money he collected going back to USC ? Did he use vacation time ? Even the optics of going to Virginia to sign this nonsense boggles the mind. Racial tension in Virginia, white supremacists on the UVA campus chanting, Jews Will Not Replace Us, White vs. Black voter discrimination, the damn Confederacy statues being pulled down all over the place. Why does he visit a place where slaves were hanged openly, without shame ? As a black man (I think he’s still black, right) does this nut not think. Time for this a-hole to go. This new President needs to wise up and get this dude out.

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  6. Who’s input does Swann get when making decisions? He is the AD and has final say. He might have the only say as well. He probably runs it through him and he agrees with himself. The dude needs to be fired. Direlection of duty, allowing assistants to cash in on SC’s name, and for just being a jerk.

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