Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Is Supposed To Be Guardian For USC

Does it matter that Lynn Swann was certain months ago USC would not have a men’s or women’s basketball team in the NCAA Tournament last weekend when he agreed to go to Virginia for an autograph show?

It just shows what he thinks of HIS basketball programs. Did he ever look at the sports calendar months ago and notice USC had football, baseball, women’s water polo, men’s volleyball and women’s tennis events the same day he was signing?

I doubt he ever did. Those are his programs too.

One thing Swann seems to forget is he is the guardian of USC athletics. I bet he spent more time with a USC spin doctor Tuesday crafting that arrogant statement than he ever did making sure those teams are being properly supported.

I could write a book about Pat Haden‘s mistakes as athletic director but athletes believed he supported all programs during his tenure.

Swann acts like he is doing everyone a favor by acknowledging they exist. His attitude is always, “You dare question me?”

“As I have always done, I will do my best for this organization,” Swann said Tuesday.

Then why has he spent so much time at golf courses in 2019?

  • USC baseball lost to UC Santa Barbara, 10-4, on Tuesday. The Trojans are 10-17 overall. Just another thing Swann is not dealing with between golf outings and autograph shows.

14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Is Supposed To Be Guardian For USC

  1. And to think I was naïve in thinking that he would have been good for USC’s athletic department. He is worse than the department itself. Another narrisit who read and believed his press clippings. My only question to him, what have you done so far at SC? We don’t care about your past. What have you done for SC today? I will hear birds chirpping at that point.

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  2. If there is a defense for Lynn Swann it would be that he has never seen an athletic director in action. And I don’t see anything in his background that says he could say the phrase “you’re fired.”
    Had I been thinking when he was signing autographs I would have taken prepared letters firing the coaches and ask Lynn to sign them. It would have been worth the cost of the autographs to get a signature on the bottom of a letter like that for Clay Helton.
    When is the next signing event?

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      1. karma —yes, but —-in the words of Warren Beatty in Heaven Can Wait—“it’s not how much it costs, it’s how much it’s worth.”

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    1. The USC Athletic Department has many moving parts. You just can’t see them, if you’re not down with the cause….


      1. Do you think you’re doing what’s best for the USC student athlete, if the school is suffering?


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