If Lynn Swann’s Lips Move, Be Skeptical

Lynn Swann said if he didn’t go to autograph show, it would be a “breach of content.”

But look who canceled at the same show: A.J. Green, Tonya Harding, Tyreek Hill, Myles Jack, Johnny Manziel, Jim Otto, Don Sutton, Adam Thielen and T.J. Watt.

Were they all in breach of contract?

Never believe anything Swann says.

Meanwhile . . . in scandal news, Lori Laughlin (below) and Felicity Huffman (below) are among those appearing in a Boston federal court today.

Remember the good old days, when Clay Helton was the only news? Oh, those days never actually existed.


11 thoughts on “If Lynn Swann’s Lips Move, Be Skeptical

      1. Hmmm reminds me of what ‘Kobeee’ whined about when he got popped for that ‘assault’ in Colorado and came up with Shaquille O’Neill’s name “….well what about Shaq?”

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  1. Don’t forget class last Saturday’s Times article did quote a fed stating that Yale Coach Meredith and his antics were ‘….several…’ You don’t get $860k for one kid just ask Heinel what the ‘per’ was ‘per’…

    This is just the beginning and still wondering who the ‘mystery guest’ behind that ‘$6.5 million payout door’ is ….. Bill Gates kid? Bezos’? Buffet’s grandchild? questions questions questions

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  2. So if Swann was under contract for the show, did he breach his contract as athletic director? After all Wolf points out that Swann signed this contract legally binding him to sign autographs while working as the athletic director of the University. This means he had two jobs and usually administrator positions do not allow this to happen. If he gave the money to charity, I would not mind his being absent from his duty, but if he was profiting from this show it is another matter.


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