Lori Loughlin Looks Pretty Happy

Lori Loughlin looked like she was making a red carpet appearance in the video below when she showed up at a Boston federal courthouse to enter a plea in the college admissions scandal.



6 thoughts on “Lori Loughlin Looks Pretty Happy

    1. That’s a very rough assessment, karma —-to be legally declared braindead an individual would have to show absolutely no evidence of brain wave activity —- we’re talking zero signs of any mental process whatsoever….


      1. What are the legal consequences of all this? I assume she will get all lawyered up and will probably plead not guilty and look for a plea deal. I am sure if she is convicted she could do some jail time but that is not going to happen (IMO) for this gal. She and the rest will get off some way. I do not have much faith in the system of justice today. Look at that old bag Hillary and her cronies, half of which should be in the slammer.

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      2. M. L. —My guess? She’ll be ordered do do a ton of community service and pay a huge fine. [And no one will monitor the court records to see if she ever makes the second installment on the fine and no one will monitor the community service to determine if she’s really completing it]…..


  1. Michael G.,

    I agree with you. She won’t do jail time, she will be put on probation, and fined. However, I think she will pay the fine and her community work will be to go to the upper class high schools like Marlborugh, Buckley, Harvard Westlake and inform the students not to cheat. I’m fine with that as community service. If one kid stops from doing what her daughters did, then it is worth it.


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