USC Spring Practice Report

Just when Kedon Slovis was being anointed as a freshman wunderkind, he threw an interception to Greg Johnson in a 7-on-7 drill today.

But JT Daniels, who is pretty much guaranteed to start per one writer, threw an interception in the end zone as freshman Britton Allen picked him off.

As you know, I don’t put a lot of stock in spring workouts. But I think it is interesting when a writer says it is a fake QB competition. That’s what many suspect with Clay Helton.

You know what does matter in spring? That linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu continues to be out since the third practice. He didn’t practice today and redshirted last year with a foot injury.


10 thoughts on “USC Spring Practice Report

    1. I’m pulling for Charles Johnson and all the other Trojans, but I have to tell you that Johnson did not impress me in the limited time that he played last season. He looked slow. I hope he’s found another gear.


  1. Charles Johnson was a option QB for Colorado during McCartney’s run with the Buffs in the 90s. Greg Johnson- as most DBs do- should get better with experience. Sorry, Calabasas, I had to get you on that, Senor.

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  2. Despite Harrell’s rah rah for the receiver corp, in the second half of last season games with the same set of receivers they couldn’t get separation from DB’s and concurrently the RB’s were shut down by opponents stacking the box. St. Brown’s productivity was very low the second half of the season. I would be looking at what can be done in games where both passing and running are shut down. Throwing more to TE’s, RB’s and letting QB’s run. I would be looking at film of last year not film of this spring. How are they going to counter that? Quick slant passes? Quick counters? Or kicking field goals (see below)?

    Why isn’t Isaac Taylor Stuart being used on kick returns? He runs a 4.2.
    Do they have any schemes where Stuart could be deployed on offense?

    I hear Ben Griffiths is being used in kicking field goals. That would be a great move when the offense is bogged down. Imagine kicking 4 field goals in each game last year. That would have won them 4 more games (9-3).

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    1. Taylor Stuart apparently has great natural speed. He was offered by virtually everyone, including Bama. Would love to see him developed and get on the field.

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  3. The thing that keeps hitting me in Graham Harrell interviews is not what he does say —it’s what he doesn’t say. Today again he had nothing but praise for the receivers, saying they are the BEST he’s ever been around and they will set the standard for all the receivers he coaches in the future. Once again, he didn’t have similar praise for the quarterbacks —-who, apparently, are not the best he’s been around.

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      1. Yeah, it could be either, Tim ——& there’s one other possibility: he’s reserving praise to gently force them to continue growing.

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    1. It is obvious the QBs still have a ways to go, but this competition is benefitting all of them. It is a good thing that they will keep competing for the starting job, gives us a better chance to find the one QB who can really perform in games.

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