A Lynn Swann Sighting

Former USC athletic director Lynn Swann keeps a low profile.

But he is making a semi-public appearance by doing something he doesn’t enjoy: Signing autographs.

It doesn’t appear as though Swann will actually mingle with the public. The event involves him signing items and then mailing them to the public. Perfect for Swann. You can get an autographed mini-helmet for $269.

His last autograph show was the controversial event in Virginia when he was athletic director that happened on the busiest sports day of the year for USC. Swann even put out a defensive statement afterward.


17 thoughts on “A Lynn Swann Sighting

    1. Gotta be a joke, but as a middle school music teacher I can tell you my email is full of these kind of solutions. Also the schools have received money for Covid related expenses. Even though there are no students on campus, we have a large temperature scanner and all students have laptop computers and software for everything.
      I haven’t issued instruments to My students, so when this is over I won’t have musicians, just kids who appreciate music.

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  1. My grandfather once told me, “When you think your shit doesn’t stink, sooner or later someone will rub your nose in it and you’ll find that it stinks just like everyone else’s.” Pat Haden and Lynn Swann are the personification of that statement.

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    1. ….in Lynn’s case….the smell is a little worse…


  2. Maybe Gomer Pyle Helton can have an autograph signing show of his own…….The question is how much is his autograph really worth. Perhaps, he can have a joint signing session with his buddy or ex buddy Clancy Pendergast- to generate more revenue.

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  3. have they banned this pos from ever stepping on the campus again, he has caused the school millions not to mention all the embarrassment for already a mistake of hiring the garbage head coach but (unforgivable) to even extend his contract. it just shows how stupid he is, of course during his time academics were at a lower level.


  4. I am suprised you guys did not light up Swann. He should be tarred and feathered. Arrogant prick and ahole. He thinks his feces don’t stink. If i saw him walking to me I would not waste my time by stopping and saying hi. He wouldn’t stop anyways. He is a jerk, ahole, douche bag, scum, and ahole. He can shove it up himself where the sun does not shine. I am saying this from personal experience with the ahole. I was at a basketball game and I wanted to say hi to him. I went up and started to reach my hand out to shake and he just looked at me as if I had lepercy. At that time, I didn’t. He shrugged me off. Good riddance. maybe he might be nice in heaven.


  5. As the 1969 team Co-Captain. I had a chance to Talk to Swann about honoring our undefeated 1969 Team at the Upcoming Salute to Troy event on the USC campus in 2019. Later cancelled by Swann, citing lack of attendance of the previous Salute to Troy event, which was total Bullshit!! He was a complete pompous Ass and twit.. Exactly like the previous AD Haden was. I was also told that he was disliked in the Pro’s because of his pompous attitude.. Good riddance on this Twit.. I’m sure he’s on Helton’s wish list for WR’s coach.


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