Lynn Swann And Masters Are Perfect Combo

Read the list of rules below. It sounds just like a Lynn Swann statement to the fans. Or maybe his guide for USC radio-TV announcers:

  • Do not mention Clay Helton‘s 5-7 season
  • Do not mention that 3 of my employees have faced federal charges of wrongdoing
  • Do not mention the size of the Coliseum crowd
  • Do not mention declining season-ticket sales
  • Do not mention that football, basketball and baseball might have losing records for first time in USC history
  • Do not call the Coliseum the Coliseum. Call it United Airlines Coliseum
  • Do not ask me for an autograph
  • Do not question my authority


5 thoughts on “Lynn Swann And Masters Are Perfect Combo

      1. You can’t take money and position, and not responsibility. People who still back Lynn Swann are misguided…I used to, but, he’s too far gone, and USC looks bad. The “let’s move on” crowd must be overruled.


  1. Since you don’t play golf or spectate the game, what the hell do you know about the Masters? The reference to CBS was 40 years ago you POS. Times have changed except for one thing. Scott Wolf on the rag. Always, always on the rag about something. What a miserable existence you must lead.


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