USC Morning Buzz: Spring’s Conclusion Finally Arrives

The final USC spring practice is finally here.

In an anti-climatic fashion, USC held three practices after its spring showcase last weekend. Today is the only practice of the week in full pads and Clay Helton is supposedly going to do some scrimmaging.

The truth is nothing that happens today will really influence the QB derby because the competition will go to the fall.

Here is something to beware if you are going to the practice: The Los Angeles Times Book Festival starts today. So parking could be a problem and the campus will be crowded. The weekend festival used to draw around 180,000 although in recent years it has gotten noticeably smaller.

  • What an amazing coincidence that Kevin Porter and Bennie Boatwright both announced they signed with Roc Nation Sports to represent them on Friday.

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Spring’s Conclusion Finally Arrives

  1. Waiting to see where the investigation sweeps next per the admission scandal…high school counselors ignoring 12th graders suddenly being admitted to top tier schools? Principals? Not just that crook Mark Riddell but the test site administrators? Athletic directors? Chelsea Clinton at stanford?

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    1. Rusoviet, you are so full of it. Where or if did you attend an institution
      of higher learning? Time of your post is 12;48 pm which places you in
      Siberia it appears.


      1. Oh sweetie that is what all of us have to deal with – it’s called GMT or for a lib-tard like you UTC….anytime any post, even you snookums, it’s tied to UTC i.e. Greenwich-UK which is (now follow me here lover of JFK) 8 hours ahead of us here in LA soooo let’s do the math ok? I was posting very early this a.m. say 5:48 am got it?

        Chelsea…..daughter of a sexual predator demoncrat….stanford…..questions questions questions…..

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      1. I smell the stench of 4 days old dead mackerel. Well no wonder, Pusley, the bozo Australopithecus Robustus, has returned like a virulent virus

        Apparently, the SUCCX FB spring festival was a serious, ugly FB flop, so Pusley cuts and pastes a bogus, fantasy, right-wing Clinton hatchet job to cover up the bad news:

        2019 Clown U FB team is even odds to go 4 – 8 and dwell comfortably in the Pac12 Cellar growing mushrooms.



  2. another wasted spring season and waste of athletes who thought they would be developed into the best’cause that’s the way it used to be…talk about fraud…


  3. It sure is disappointing to see all of these major college football programs playing a legitimate spring game. An actual game! Unlike our glorified practice or whatever it is.


  4. The pink elephant in the room is wearing a hat with the letters CTE stitched across the front. It is Spring ball, why sacrifice your potential means of livelihood when the games don’t count? Let the players at other schools bash their brains in for the good of the school. After all, where will these schools be in 15 to 20 years when these players can’t do even the most mundane of activities? I will tell you where these schools will be: no where to be found.

    Different age, different information, out with old, in with new, new way of protecting players and their future.


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