Game Of Thrones Talk

It’s that time of the week again. Not many big moments last week but this week has to be different, right?

  • Meanwhile, USC wide receiver Velus Jones visited Auburn this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Talk

  1. Jack Sears is officially challenging J. T. Daniels’ media supremacy —– he’ll be appearing —dressed as a lovely red headed princess —- in tonight’s Game Of Thrones —–

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    1. If J.T. isn’t named the #1 bozo QB, what might be the O/U # of days that J.T. decides to take his Daddykins FB and join the NCAA FB portal?

      Clearly, an improbable hypothetical situation because Helton, no doubt, guaranteed to slot J.T. as the #1 bozo QB to sign and enroll early with Clown U.


      1. Just Rent,

        Happy Easter.

        Now, let us get down to business, who will be the qb at Thug U aka ruinville this year? Will it be the same loser as last year or a different loser this year? Do you know the names to the qb losers? We gots to know.

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    2. Pudly —-I will never forgive Scott for this one. Out of “Site Loyalty” I watched Game of Thrones. unprepared for arrows through the eyeballs and axes splitting skulls in half. It was like seeing the Alabama game over again…..

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