NFL Draft Analysis

The NFL draft is over and USC had only four players selected. It was underwhelming at best.

Some thoughts:

  • The Ravens have to be thinking of moving Iman Marshall to safety. That’s the best-case scenario I can see for him being a fourth-round selection.
  • Marvell Tell’s athleticism allowed him to be a fifth-round choice. That was more important than an up-and-down senior season.
  • I would not have been surprised if Cameron Smith went undrafted. So being a sixth-round pick is pretty good for him. It will be interesting to see if he has the speed to play in the NFL.
  • What about Porter Gustin? He’s been injury prone and I can’t see how the drug test incident did not hurt, even if he had a waiver from the NFL.

3 thoughts on “NFL Draft Analysis

  1. Biggest concern about Cam is probably that he was to weigh less to play faster. Viking linebackers have to make stops in space. He needs to keep his weight down in order to have the speed to make plays in space at the NFL level. But at 229, is he big enough to handle NFL physicality? Can he withstand NFL-level hits at that size? He played from 235 to 245-50 and and he worn down last year. Luckily for Cam, the Vikings front is elite, and they will keep O-Linemen occupied, so he won’t have to take on as many linemen at the second level as he had to at USC.

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  2. Clay Helton is really coaching up all those USC 5 Star recruits, huh? AHA HA HA HA!

    Clay Helton is a “Second Rate Coach At Best” and First Rate Idiot!


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