Saturday Night Notes: Chris Brown And Elias Ricks Edition

USC offensive guard Chris Brown signed a free-agent contract with the Chargers. Center Toa Lobendahn signed with the Jets.

  • Usually, a top prospect transfers to Mater Dei instead of leaving. But cornerback Elias Ricks said he is leaving so he can graduate early at the end of 2019 and enroll in college next January.

Ricks, rated the nation’s No. 1 cornerback, is going to play next fall at a yet unannounced high school. He is “rock solid, 100 percent locked in with LSU” but still plans to visit USC. I’ve heard his family is going to move Baton Rouge too.

  • David Sills, the Baby Quarterback, went undrafted and signed a free-agent contract with the Bills.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Night Notes: Chris Brown And Elias Ricks Edition

  1. Ricks’ mom works at a school in Fontana. Although I doubt he’ll wind up in that area but there are several charter schools where two high school credits a week can be earned. Ricks has said he will attend a high school where only 230 credits are needed to graduate. That sounds like public school to me.

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    1. Some think a school closer to LSU. Although everything is always in flux with these guys. He also said he didn’t want to go anywhere he could play vs MD.

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      1. Pudly, from the “Worst Coaching in the Country” Files (per Wilner), we have:

        “UCLA’s recruiting classes in 2014-16 were ranked 18th, 12th and 13th nationally. Bruins had 1 player selected this week”

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      2. Curious also was the longhorns only had two drafted…and Bru thought that they’d give him the better chance to get to the league? How many of the horn’s receivers are earning a check in the nfl compared to the Trojan’s?

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