Reggie Bush Was “Joking” About Recruiting Urban Meyer

Reggie Bush hasn’t even started at Fox Sports but he already put his foot in his mouth when he said he would recruit Urban Meyer to USC.

Bush backtracked when he told Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports he said the comments in a “joking manner.”

Said Bush: “”Me recruiting Urban Meyer? I’m still trying to learn college football.”

The irony is Clay Helton was the one behind Bush visiting the team before the 2017 Pac-12 championship game.

Et tu, Reggie?


12 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Was “Joking” About Recruiting Urban Meyer

    1. Great insight. Always learning when I read your posts! Keep up the good work.

      Oh! By the way, when you actually post something good about the school or team, I’d be interested to see that too.

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      1. No, no, Pudly. It only SEEMS like EVERY karma post says we suck. And it only SEEMS like karma ALWAYS forgets to call our coach by name. I’m pretty sure that, in reality, karma just wants what’s best for USC…..

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    2. The old “I was joking” routine, heh? I heard that one a lot as a prosecutor.

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      1. As I said before (and I’m one who’s for forgiving and not so much for forgetting), who in their right mind believed Reggie was allowed to speak for Matt? Surprised he didn’t use the ole “it was taken out of context” thingy…but you can’t do that with a tweet. What a dumbass!

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      2. How long will Reggie go before getting himself into trouble again? Not serious trouble, mind you, but the kind of trouble that comes from saying “dumbass” stuff to a viewing audience that numbers in the millions?

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  1. It’s like those lawyer shows where the star lawyer drops a bombshell question, the other side objects, the judge tells the jury to disregard the comment-but you know it has been heard and nobody can walk it back. So Bush knew what he was doing when he said it.

    And just because the current crowd wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on Reggie if he were on fire, doesn’t address the multitude of Old Trojans who never die and have their number five jersey pressed and ready for the day Reggie is back in semi-good graces.

    Across all of the boards which I see from Facebook to Twitter, from Scott Wolf to Trojan Daily Blog, from Bleacher Report to 247 nobody is saying it’s a bad idea to start looking to replace Happy Helton.
    Win or lose it will happen eventually. I hope it’s win, but I doubt I’ll get my wish.

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    1. I have an idea. Step 1: Helton steps down as head coach. Step 2: Reggie steps down as Fox Sports commentator. Step 3: Clay Helton takes over for Reggie on Fox Sports….

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  2. Bush is not kidding. he mighty say it to appease anyone, but inside, he has that fire to win and he sees that Helton has yet to prove that he can win. We will see.

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  3. How old is Urban Myer? How old is Tedford? If you had to make a choice to hiring a new coach who would you chose between the two of them? The obvious is Myers because he has coached in big time bowl games, but Tedford is ahead of Myers in the offense and he is from the West Coast who grew up under the goal posts of SC and he realizes SC is the machine on the West Coast. Let me know what you think.


  4. Latest spin is Meyers isn’t totally shutting down the possibility of coaching again and coaching at USC….

    If Helton tanks, and he will because any success will be in spite of him, Swann’s last act will be to make the safe smart and outrageously expensive sure move – hire Meyers.


  5. You say that Helton and Swann suck every day on this blog but somehow have the nerve to say that Reggie put his “foot in his mouth” LOL


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