Larry Scott On State Of Pac-12

Larry Scott is speaking at the Pac-12 meetings. Some highlights (lowlights):

  • “We all believe our (league’s) fans think we’ve got the worst officiating in the country. Each of our fans tell us so.”
  • “Our schools feel a great deal of financial pressure. They are falling behind (other Power 5 conferences).”
  • “Our teams don’t break records (in paying coaches).”
  • “I looked around the room in our football coaches’ meeting and I felt very good. “I don’t sense any lack of confidence our coaches have in how our football will be in the next few years.”
  • “We’ve all been following (the college basketball trial) very closely, really interested to see what’s coming out. Certainly very concerned about the issues that have been brought to the forefront.”
  • Strong consideration to increase men’s basketball to a 20-game conference schedule instead of 18, and have league more involved in non-conference scheduling.
  • No update on selling a piece of the Pac-12 for $750 million.
  • The league meetings in Scottsdale also mean Lynn Swann and Clay Helton are also in the same vicinity, so maybe they spoke to each other too.

13 thoughts on “Larry Scott On State Of Pac-12

  1. If the Pac-12 does increase the conf. BB schedule from 18 to 20 games, that’s gruesome news for Andyain’twinning.

    Currently, Enfield the Resplendent sports a 6 year Pac-12 conf. record of 44 – 64; a very snappy BB program .407 winning Pct.

    Worse, the 20 BB conf. schedule will deprive Andy Baby of at least two cupcake home games.

    Enfield desperately seeks those cupcake games to pad his overall W/L record and maintain the rah-rah BB interest for the usual 200 or 300 Clownster BB fans that attend Galen Barn home games.



      1. But UCLA doesn’t have a 6 year Pac-12 BB conf losing record!

        And, UCLA didn’t have to employ a coveted recruit’s Ta-Ta to induce the recruit to sign with Felony U.


  2. Just Rent,

    Thug U aka ruinville has bought parents so that their child would go to that dump called L.A. City College aka ruinville.


  3. We know Larry Scott is not a business man. We know Larry Scott sits on his hands and knees while schools go through heck with the ncaa. What good is that bum except to take $6.3 million per year? He is good for nothing.

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  4. Larry Scott is to the PAC 12 what Lynn Swann is to USC.
    * The referees are blind; we’re looking into it to see if they can see.
    * We are losing money mostly because we can’t sell our product. Schools are being ripped off for appearances on our nobody gets it PAC 12 channel
    * Our teams don’t get their money’s worth when it comes to paying coaches (especially in the City of Los Angeles)
    * I looked around the football coaches’ room and saw a complete special education class from the geriatrics ward. No confidence implied.
    * We are following the trials and FBI doings to make sure we’ll be out of the office the day our embezzlement has been noticed (after all the money made by the PAC 12 Channel is going somewhere)
    * We are looking into a 20 game schedule for BB next year because you know that we aren’t getting enough out of our one and done student athletes.
    * We can’t sell a piece of the PAC 12 channel for anything but I have some swamp gas from Louisiana State University I can sell you.
    * We are glad to see Lynn Swann and Clay Helton here today because the golf course is closed for repairs. When those two get together people think they are seeing Jekyll and Hyde in the same room together. (Swann is Hyde as in hide from responsibility – Helton Jekyll as in Heckle and….)

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