USC Officially Moves To 790-AM

USC signed a five-year radio deal with KABC-AM (790), which was first reported six weeks ago.

This move makes sense because KABC will not ever bump USC basketball or anything else. The station has no other sports after losing the L.A. Kings who decided an app was better than 790-AM.

KABC needs USC because it was tied for the worst ratings in Los Angeles out of 40 stations according to the Nielsen Audio ratings for the month of March.

Maybe the big question will be how the reception sounds when you are driving on a Saturday and unable to attend the game.

P.S. — I would be shocked if this deal is anything close to what 710-AM paid USC. And that is where Lynn Swann must also be judged because revenues matter with the Pac-12 Network bringing in a lot less than Larry Scott promised.

Just remember that KABC’s parent company just completed bankruptcy restructuring last year.


3 thoughts on “USC Officially Moves To 790-AM

  1. So Felony U takes the freight elevator to the basement & signs with KABC Radio, the lowest rated LA radio station for March 2019, to broadcast bozo FB and BB.

    The FB radio ratings will really tank Sept 14, 2019, when bozos lose their 3rd straight 2019 game @ BYU.

    Will KABC broadcast Andyain’twinnings Spinach and Cupcake tour? Who cares, nobody listens to or watches Felony U BB games.

    Next year, Andyain[t winning is considering employing a couple Pac-12 referee’s Ta-Ta’s as asst. HC’s to help mitigate Felony U stupid team fouls.


    1. Just Rent II,

      You are a complete and use less joke. Who invited you over here. Go back to the trash heep of ugly. I just laugh at 570 AM when the ruins get bounced to 1150 AM because the lakers or the dodgers play. That is hilarious because that is a Conservative radio station which has Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannety on. The only problem with the ratings for that station is when ugly is broadcasted on that station, it brings down the ratings. With SC singing up with KABC, the ratings will probably take them up to the top 10.

      Once a ruin, you are a loser for life. Loser.


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