Things Can Get Worse . . .

Here is what greeted USC fans with their season tickets. As I’ve said, KABC has been tied for the lowest-rated station in Los Angeles in recent months. Maybe Dr. Drew can play QB. Or replace Clay Helton.

18 thoughts on “Things Can Get Worse . . .

  1. AD Swann expects 10-15 K fans for USC’s so called Fall Showcase!!
    Not a Chance!
    Hot August 17th Day with a paddy cake scrimmage!!
    USC is grouping for ticket buyers!!
    Not with these twits (Swann and Helton) in charge!!!

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  2. USC does those corny radio promotions because their Rah Rah’s eat that bullshit up. They are in a pretend state of mind this time of year, until the Trojans get their first loss of the season, to a lesser opponent . Then the big bag of excuses come out, along with the Bozo Helton defends, it’s an annual comedy routine, that’s going into the 4th season 😂


  3. I listened to games on the radio when schools were only allowed one or two appearances on TV per season and it was pretty good radio. But AM radio is as low tech as it gets. If this station is on Iheart radio or another streaming service and the broadcast isn’t blocked, the game may reach more listeners. I wish USC would go after KFI or other clear channel station for their games. At least those stations have a strong signal.

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    1. Why would any powerful, respectable, revenue rich LA radio station wish to hook-up with felony U? Said station would have to break new Clown U scandals during the game broadcasts.


    1. Better than listening to KMPR and their social commie atheist style of life. At least the station is tyring to make money instead of someone trying to siphon it off of me

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