Three Star U. Adds Recruit

Jamar Sekona, a three-star defensive tackle from Greenbrae, Calif., committed to USC tonight.

Of course he is a three star. At least he isn’t a two star though the old-folks pundits would still like him if he was.

Anyways, here’s one way to look at it: He was offered by Oregon.

That is the new way to analyze things since the Ducks are getting a lot of recruits in California. Strangely, he was not offered by Washington.

A new USC coach could make sense of all this.

12 thoughts on “Three Star U. Adds Recruit

  1. Pick and Choose SW is at it again. Greg Biggins, ( Scott just quoted him yesterday regarding Justin Flowe) says that FOUR STAR Sedona is one of the top DL out west, SW, you are something else.

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  2. It’s amazing how Rah Rah’s criticize Scott Wolf for calling out Bozo Helton for the way he’s run the USC football program into the ground.

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  3. Just finished reading 247 article about Flowe and the “crystal ball” predictions based on Flowe’s own words. It occurred to me that these kids are making a choice based on their perception of what a football coach should be. Most of them started in pee-wee football and moved into various levels before playing in high school. They know a pee-wee coach when they see one. Why can’t the adults in charge at SC make this connection? They also need to send players such as Steele and Bru to talk to those coveted recruits. They have a unique perspective on the future at SC. Losing recruits because we have a bad coach is adding insult to injury.

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  4. CAL had a lock on him early. A legit 4*. Our Dline coach went to NEB & this guy was next rumored to go to Lincoln with the coach.
    Marin Catholic. Same HS as Goff. Culture shock coming for this kid.

    A good catch for SC.

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    1. CAL75

      Thank you. Wilcox will do well. You guy should have kept Tedford. I like him. He went to Warren High in Downey so he knows SC football.


  5. His rating score is 5.7 with 5.8 needed to be a 4 star. So he could be considered either a very highly rated 3 star or on the low end of a 4 star. But he appears to be a good addition for the Trojans.

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      1. Queeny had the inside scoop on that signing, didn’t he?

        Memo from BOT to Helton: keep us out of trouble
        Helton: no problem but you know I can’t even coach pop warner
        BOT: nobody’ll notice


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