USC Morning Buzz: Movin’ On Up

With defensive tackle Jamar Sekona committing to USC last night, the Trojans’ recruiting classes is now ranked No. 59 by Rivals and No. 57 by 247 Sports.

That’s a move of five spots in the Rivals rankings and nine spots in 247.

When I mentioned it was at least good news Oregon also wanted Sekona, it is only fair to include the Ducks have offered 295 recruits in the Class of 2020. USC has offered 156. Washington has offered only 69 recruits a scholarship.

But Washington and Oregon are doing well so both systems seem to work.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Movin’ On Up

  1. Jamar Sekona said he likes Clay Helton’s Faith, Family, and Football saying, because he’s also very religious. But wait until he hears the hypocrite dropping F’Bombs, and screaming “God Dammit “ on the sidelines 😂😂. Nothing like a Fake Religious Clown running your football team 😂


    1. Problem probably is that Helton does not scream or curse his players from the sidelines because he is too pious. Pete Carroll would not curse frequently (as did Neil Callaway). Instead he reserved it for games when a player goofed up a big play. How can the soft culture be changed at SC when Helton wants to be every players “pastor” or “priest”? Football is war on game day. Look I’m a Christian but a realist one. To change the culture you have to put football first even over family (but not ignore faith). That is why when recruits in the military go to basic training they are kept away from family. You can’t make a warrior out of someone with their mother there. Slogans on jerseys (iron sharpens iron) doesn’t cut it. The culture won’t change until Helton leaves. Bring in someone like Brent Venables from Clemson to change the culture. But with the Feminist culture change at USC administration that is unlikely.

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    2. USC Fan Boy,

      Have you actually heard Helton cuss? If so, then state it. If not, then how do you know? I don’t know if he does or not, but if I had to guess, I would say so. However, yes cussing is a sin, this does not make him a hypocrite. I would imagine St. Peter using cussing words when he was fishing and he caught nothing. Yet he looked upon as a saint.


  2. All the Sunshine Pumpers that post in this blog work in the USC Athletic Dept. and they know that when USC decides to get rid of Swann, Lopes and Helton…their Helton Humping asses will be kicked to the curb when the much needed house cleaning begins.

    That’s why they’re always here trying to convince true Trojan football fans that Helton is anything other than the second rate coach and former Sarkisian “Errand Boy” that he is.

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      1. Is Trumpster Fire suggesting that there are college football fans out there that actually believe Clay Helton is a good coach?

        You wouldn’t have former Trojan greats like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush openly recruiting Urban Meyer to come out of retirement to coach USC if they thought that Clay Helton wasn’t anything but the crap coach that he is.

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      2. I’ve always wondered what a completely tebow-dominated page would like……

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      3. [InsideUSCCanOnlyWithstandAbout2OfThesePerYear]

        – MG

        Are we to infer that MG is Scott Wolf?


      4. Well, at least you’re one of the few people in the 21st century to use the word “infer” correctly —I once had to listen to a public defender misuse that word 401 times in a trial —I decided to use it it myself in closing argument just so it would appear in it’s proper usage once in the transcript…..

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  3. Another example of USC recruiting itself…

    LOG IN

    TRENDINGFresno State 2019 Football Preview: Defensive Backs Breakdown

    Cali DL Jamar Sekona pulls the trigger

    ByGREG BIGGINS 14 hours ago



    Greenbrae (Calif.) Marin Catholic defensive lineman Jamar Sekonacommitted to USC moments ago.

    Sekona took an unofficial visit to USC over the weekend and decided to pull the trigger and end the recruiting process just a days later.

    “I just felt like USC was the best all around fit for me,” Sekona said. “Football wise and off the field, USC has everything I wanted in a school and I feel it’s the place I can be the most successful. From a football standpoint, I really like coach Chad (Kauha’aha’a) a lot and I think he can develop me and make me a better player.

    “He’s big on fundamentals and working on the little things. He wants to break things down and then built you back up. He’s a tough coach but I like that and I think that’s how you need to prepare. I also love the new strength staff. Those are the guys you’re going to be with more than anyone and I know they’ll be able to get me right and help me to become the best lineman I can be.”

    Sekona said opportunities after football were a big part of his decision as well.

    “I love the alumni support and networking opportunities at USC,” Sekona said. “I’ve been to USC before so I already knew what they had to offer from an academic support but seeing it again was another great reminder of what a great school it is. I knew on my visit Saturday that USC was the place. I just got that warm feeling and it just felt right.”

    “I’ve been to USC before, I actually used to live in Long Beach and I have a ton of family that’s from the area and they’re all USC fans. Everyone is super excited about my decision and the opportunities I have. I grew up a USC football fan and to come full circle now and move back to Southern California and play for my dream school is a pretty big deal.”

    – USC Commit Jamar Sekona


  4. So many say he was OK in his first few years as the coach……..the Titanic did ok after it hit the ice for the first few hours. If you know football and really watched the games (without a beer and bag of chips) you knew he was a hopeless moron from game one. Our offense in the years he was offensive co was offensive…..and in a bad way.

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    1. If it weren’t for Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones, Adoree Jackson and a host of other talented Trojans being able to overcome Helton, Callaway and Pendergast’s horrendous play calling…the Trojans would have tanked back then too, just as they did last year under this idiot Errand Boy, Clay Helton.


  5. USC Trojan head football coaches and A.D.’s 2010 – Present…all crap!

    And that’s putting it nicely.


  6. We’re ranked where? It feels like we should be the UCSC Trojans or Cal State Southern California Trojans with all the recruiting buzz now at USC.

    Things can change but this is terrible that Helton is comfortable with this kind of talent coming in with really no big time national interest anymore.


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