And In College Admission Scandal News

The daughters of Lori Loughlin were kicked out of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority according to Us Weekly.

Has USC officially kicked them out of school yet?

  • It looks like USC QB odds are similar everywhere. Here is what BetOnline offers:

JT Daniels 1/1

Jack Sears 3/2

Matt Fink 5/2

23 thoughts on “And In College Admission Scandal News

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  2. Word on the street is that both daughters have entered the TRANSFER PORTAL.
    Conditional accepted as cooks & social directors in an advisory capacity to Pi Phi’s until limbo status clarified.


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      1. MG,

        Lori L. has retained Latham & Watkins. Mossi & Lori are fighting charges as a team.



  3. Vegas has the Helton Trojans winning a total of 6 games this year.

    I’m assuming they also believe J.T. Daniels will be the starter and doesn’t posses the skill set to show much improvement.

    Vegas must also believe J.T. Daniels has hit his ceiling, which by the way nearly took USC to rock bottom.

    Well done, J.T. Daniels…well done.

    So I guess we should get on with it and get the season started


    1. J. T. 2018 W/L record: 5-5
      Sears 2018 W/L record: 0-1
      Toa 2018 W/L record: 0-1

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      1. Yeah because it was Toa underthrowing all the Trojan receivers and that critical duck vs the bRuins.


      2. Point well taken —but grant me this: it’s harder to get a pass off when you are kneeling to take the snap (watch the film). Instead of teaching Toa how to snap, Helton had J. T. kneel to pick the ball off the ground as it dribbled back to him —- losing at least one full second in the time he had to survey the field. There has NEVER been another college team that made such an idiotic adjustment.

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      3. Last Add:
        What a joke CBS Sports is —they have twice talked about the difficulty of the transition from Kingsbury (zero practices, zero games while “at” USC) to Harrell.

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    2. Note: One of the biggest hurdles for USC this season will be overcoming the scheduling —we play the top contenders (Stanford, Utah & Washington) in September —which is fine except for the fact we play Utah on a short week after we’ve played away at BYU and they’ve played at home against a joke of a FCS team (which they average beating by 45-7 scores —making it a bye week). And we play Washington at Washington the week after that. And Notre Dame after that.

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      1. Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep them excuses rolling……bozohide!

        “Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.”
        ― John Wooden

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      2. My Dear Friend Owns
        I like the John Robinson version of this sentiment better: “Never make excuses about how scheduling or injuries are impacting your team—50% of the people who hear them don’t care…and the other 50% are happy they happened.”

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    1. Ha! [If, by some miracle, Helton beats a very good Utah team on a short week, he needs to hold a press conference denouncing his own Athletic Department]…..

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      1. 4 – 8 Felony U takes the service elevator to Pac – 12’s South FB cellar to fertilize its excuses, excuses, excuses crop.


  4. Would you say Olivia and Bella 5 Stars who just didn’t pan out?



  5. Those Giacomo girls, or whatever they call themselves, should have pledged the ADPi house and no one would have noticed them fucking off.


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