USC Becomes UNC-East

USC presdeint Carol Folt hired Winston Crisp as vice president for student affairs. He is the latest hire from the University of North Carolina, where Folt was president before she came to USC.

Crisp was vice chancellor for student affairs at North Carolina. Maybe the best part is his twitter name: ViceCrispy.

Folt has already hired a senior vice president for human resources (a newly created job) from North Carolina.

21 thoughts on “USC Becomes UNC-East

    1. She needs to clean house in this Board of Bustees. They are the problem. Until you get rid of them, SC will never return to the glory years when the administration actually wanted to win big and not just be mediocre.


  1. Good for President Folt.
    Time to get rid of USC’s overpaid swamp!!
    Now Please get a New AD and Head Football Coach.
    Both are complete Dimwits!

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    1. As Mike Tyson said when he fired his entire staff after the Buster Douglas loss: “It’s time to get a new team. From now on when I get screwed it will be by a whole new overpaid group of people.”

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      1. Incompetence from his corner doomed Tyson on that fateful night. The head cornerman using a latex glove full of tap water instead of endswell is classic.

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  2. If Winston Crisp becomes a friend to the football program and sports in general, then I could care less what he was hired for.



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      1. Pudly —Of course what ‘warm gun’ means to you and what it means to tebow are two very different things……

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      2. Pudly outs himself yet again with another Freudian slip.



        The idiot Pudly would be better off quoting lines from this song…


    1. Jim —Scott is actually adopting the rule established by the producers of the film “Krakatoa, East of Java.” When informed that Krakatoa was actually west of Java, they replied “east sounds more exotic.”

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    1. I ran into your wife as she was walking her corner and threw her a bit of work…tell her she owes me change for that nickel.


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