USC Morning Buzz: The What Me Worry Recruiting Strategy Continues

USC offered a scholarship to Narbonne defensive back Anthony Beavers on Friday.

What was the rush? Beavers committed to Oregon two weeks ago and has offers from 15 other schools.

This follows a pattern of USC offering long after other schools swooped in and recruited a prospect. I think it is fine for a marquee school like USC to wait and take its time evaluating players, especially when it is someone who played at Serra and then transferred to Narbonne like Beavers.

Here are the reasons against that right now, however:

  • USC is not Alabama or even LSU at the moment in the eyes of many recruits with its stumble-bum head coach whose status is up in the air.
  • Beavers plays in the secondary where USC needs quality players. Last winter, the Trojans loaded up on three-star prospects when they couldn’t land their initial targets.
  • In the old days, USC would roll into a school like Narbonne and steal a player committed to Oregon. But in 2019, the Ducks got 11 players from Southern California, including schools like Narbonne, Mater Dei and Oaks Christian.

The Helton era continues!

  • USC baseball finally lost a game that pitcher Connor Lunn started when the Trojans lost to No. 2-ranked Stanford, 8-3, Friday night at Dedeaux Field. Lunn had pitched in USC victories over UCLA, Arizona State, Utah, Washington State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the past five weeks. He allowed five runs, nine hits and struck out seven in six innings vs. the Cardinal.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The What Me Worry Recruiting Strategy Continues

  1. You want to stop this bullshit of offering kids late and having out of state schools come in a take them away ? HIRE A FUCKING COACH WHO HAS A CLUE AND FIRE THE GOLFING AD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stoops and Meyer are available, SC would have to swallow hard on Meyer but he sure as shit would have SC back ASAP, same for Stoops, but neither of them have any SC connections and it would take a lot of $$$$$ to hire them so I’d expect Gomer to be back if he can win 7 games or more ( doubtful ) or if Gomer is canned, SC will hire some old SC assistant or player, it’s just the way they do business, and it usually ends up FUBAR


      1. Pudly —I’m pretty sure the nickname wasn’t because Bob won big games…….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Michael…it’s as if troll boy thinks I was the one who laid that moniker on ole “big game”, when in reality it was the sooner fans… oh well.
        And by the way, how long did his brother last in his job after Stoops was pushed out? Talk about a nepotistic guy!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. He won one in his second year at ok…with someone else’s players what did he do the rest of his time??
        You’re a stupid little troll..💋


      4. Do you remember when Bob’s brother would go all daffy duck on the sidelines at Arizona? He’d run around pulling at his hair every time his team got penalized. It really looked like a 3 stooge comedy with 2 stooges missing…..

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    1. Huh? OK has bloomed since Bob Stoops was ‘retired’. The last time they played, under Stoops, in a NC game was against USC in 2004….anyone but Stoops


  2. I’m still curious as to who at USC initiated contact with Lynn Swann, and decided to make him one of the highest paid athletic directors in nation ? 🤔 He is clearly over his head , and I’m sure most of his associate AD’s could run circles around him. But then again, what do you expect from a Trump loving black man, who is about as dizzy, and dumb as he looks …, Stupid Ass !!


  3. The only ones that should be mad about Beavers’ committment to Oregon, are the Oregon State Beavers. He is a class of 2021 player and his recruitment is far from over. Helton has his deficiencies, but he has also recruited pretty well ( he didnt inherit the roster after all). This is a make or break year for him and a possible win/win for USC football: Stink up the joint and he’ s gone and hello Urban Meyer. Turn the program around and Graham Herrel taked on a on even bigger role- maybe, taking over.


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