USC Afternoon Notes

I wrote yesterday about the altercation at the 1959 USC-UCLA game at the Sports Arena and here are some much better photos.


That is USC athletic director Jess Hill in the bottom right of the photo directly above. I’m not sure who the guy is getting escorted off the court.

  • USC long snapper Jake Olson is among the graduating seniors who were selected to the Skull and Dagger Society. Other athletes include All-American swimmer Carsten Vissering and water polo player Amanda Longan, who was national player of the year last season.

USC senior associate athletic director Ron Orr received the volunteer service award.

  • The No. 1-ranked USC beach volleyball team swept Florida State and Hawaii on Saturday by identical 3-0 scores. The Trojans face LSU at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. If USC wins, it faces No. 2 UCLA for the national title.

11 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

      1. I see the striking resemblance to owns Michael. But given the age of the perp and date of the photo I’d say it was more than likely owns’ mom.

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      2. Alv —You’re right. It’s Owns being escorted out by Urban Meyer…..and John Wooden…..

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      3. gt — I’m sure that USC’s law school classes are filled with bright & promising students—-unfortunately, from what I’ve seen lately, it looks as though the faculty and administration add up to the biggest collection of misfits, crybabies & oddballs ever assembled. [And, while we’re at it, the less said about the lawyers Haden allegedly consulted throughout the NCAA investigation & subsequent sanctions, the better]……

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