USC Brand Takes A Hit

Here is some market research from E-Score Brand on USC’s brand before and after the College Admissions Scandal. The dislike score rose from 26 to 40 and appeal dropped from 24 to 16.

Excerpt: Of the schools measured, USC has the highest number of top-of-mind mentions for “Scandal, Cheating, Etc.” (18.9% of consumers) in Consumer Comments for the question: “What is the first thought that comes to mind when you see the name of this brand?” Harvard has the lowest at 1.3% followed by Yale (1.5%) then Stanford (2.5%).


9 thoughts on “USC Brand Takes A Hit

  1. That $6.5 million that girl’s family paid to get her into stanford smells a lot more than those ancient indians are willing to admit…..this scandal has a lot more ‘players’ and ‘schools’ along with a number of repeats…..what about Chelsea?

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    1. The proof will be in admission numbers. The press loves to hate us and always will. But at the end of the day, if you want to succeed in LA you don’t go to westwierd.

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      1. …..Unless you’re a woman who wants to “reclaim her objectivity” (wtf?!) by taking an advanced pole dancing class….

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      2. Dear Pusley, you slimy leech, that’s what H. R. Haldeman thought.

        So did Osa Messina, so did Bryce Dixon and of course, OJ was a huge success in LA and Nevada.

        Paging Jr. Pomee.



      3. It would be much easier to understand you if you’d just spit out your momma’s feet…it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.

        Ruin wannabe.


  2. Guys,

    Look on the positive side, most everyone hates the Raiders and they kept winning while Al was alive. If SC could get someone like Al Davis in office at SC, then most everyone would hate SC but SC would still be winning in sports and in the classroom.

    Instead of Fight On as the battle cry for SC, it should be, Just Win Baby.


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