USC Fails To Disclose Lynn Swann’s Salary

For three years, some of us have been waiting for USC to release its federal tax returns to show much athletic director Lynn Swann makes.

But when the Los Angeles Times obtained the 2017-18 fiscal year returns, USC left Swann off the documents. Clay Helton made $3.2 million, which was $600,000 more than in 2016-17.

If you want to be further outraged, Andy Enfield made $2.8 million. What has he done?

But the fishy part is Swann’s omission despite a category for “highest compensated employees” on the federal tax returns. USC listed Pat Haden when he made $2.8 million in 2016-17.


16 thoughts on “USC Fails To Disclose Lynn Swann’s Salary

    1. I guess now is as good a time as any to come clean, Pudly —-Lynn, Scott, Owns and me live together on Maui in a one bedroom apartment. Scott and Lynn are actually best friends —and kid each other all day about the stuff Scott posts. We all contribute to the $460 per month rent —all except Lynn, that is. He’s donating his time to USC and relies on us for shelter —-as to everything else, he says he likes “to rely on the kindness of strangers.”

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      1. Arturo –Welcome, my friend! [But beware —we live next to a golf course and Scott is all over anybody who actually uses it]…

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  1. Oops someone left that $70K Haden snagged annually from the Mayr Foundation….remember how Haden was always full of umbrage towards Reggie Bush, Todd McNair, Tim Floyd…..slimy cheating Pat…never any public pillorying of him just putting on the final touches to his ‘atrium-condominium-penthouse-helicopter pad-swimming pool-penthouse’ on the very top of the ‘Flashlight’ he so faithfully committed his elitist life to….Pat….Haden….scam artist extraordinaire……hiding but still designing.

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      1. Mike, I doubt this clown ever stood for anything that didn’t have that John Kerry bouquet of “I can only stay in a 5 Star Hotel” or I’ll phone Max…..mindset.


  2. One of the top athletic directors in the country left Texas A&M for LSU, and his salary is $1.5 million annually. How in the hell does Lynn Swann’s salary exceed that ? USC must have millions to burn, because Swann is an idiot, who’s accomplished nothing

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    1. Every day brings another laughable incident to light from my beloved university.
      Got my ticket renewal package…. not happening this year.
      Hoping the new President see this and just wipes the whole place clean.

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  3. SCooter, you have been reading to many Bernie, ‘The Socialist” Sanders tweets. It is none of your business if Swann or SC releases Swann’s returns. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind because you don’t make enough. However, to appease your curiosity, how about if we say Swann makes one dollar per year. Well, in my books, that is one dollar too much to be paid to that bum.

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