Who Has Worst Views Ever?

USC claims it will not sell these seats for football games although an official originally told me they would for sellouts.

But is it the worst view ever? Here are a couple bad views but they affect a lot fewer fans and these stadiums did not create the problem with an ugly new tower.

Here is Loftus Road in London, home of Queen’s Park Rangers and built in 1904.

Southampton supporter Sam White tweeted this picture of his restricted view of the match at Loftus Road 

Here is a view from Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota. But this was constructed in 1927. They didn’t build a tower to block people’s views.

Image result for obstructed view seats

5 thoughts on “Who Has Worst Views Ever?

  1. You forgot Fenway but hey why not sell them and just put a big jumbo flat screen. That or have smart phone 110 lines behind each seat back hook up to the tv feed. They’re fools not to install and sell these seats. That’s where the bel-air tech and ‘the princess’ fans can be seated.

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  2. I was hoping that by posting “worst views ever” you meant takes/opinions re: USC. You would win hands down using that connotation Scotty.

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  3. SCooter,

    Have you ever been to that dump called dodger stadium? There views are horrible as well, but I don’t see you having it on this blog.


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