A USC Record Few Remember

Since the USC women’s track won the Pac-12 title last weekend, let’s take a moment to appreciate USC track coach Jess Mortensen.

He doesn’t have his name on the field like Dean Cromwell but he won seven NCAA titles and had an 81-0 meet record before his untimely death from a heart attack, a week before the start of the 1962 season.

9 thoughts on “A USC Record Few Remember

  1. Well said Scott…..I know of no other coach or program that had a string that dominating anywhere. Good find….truly a good find Scott.

    let’s hope a new football coach is placed at the helm a year hence, if not sooner, and begin to give all of us a reason to attend football games at the Coliseum.

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  2. Does any one now why USC was not eligible to compete in the ’57 and ’59 nationals? Football was on probation…no other sport was aloud to participate in post season. Can you imagine it that was still the case.


      1. What do you expect from a school that only produces pizza delivery people for their major.


  3. He was simply the best …the Olympic athletes he coached to greatness are in the dozens, and many world record holders during that time. I went to many of those track meets beginning in early 50’s…I liked them as much as football games


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