USC Makes History Under Lynn Swann

USC lost to UC Irvine, 7-4, on Tuesday in baseball. That means the Trojans (23-28-1) will officially have a losing record with only three games left.

More importantly, it means USC will be 5-7 in football; 16-17 in men’s basketball and less than .500 in baseball.

That has never happened in the history of the University of Southern California.

I repeat: The big three sports started playing more than 100 years ago and it has never happened. Until now.

Take a bow, Lynn Swann. This calls for an extra round of golf at Wilshire Country Club.

If I keep this up, USC will threaten to schedule FCS teams for the next 20 years.

Swann probably doesn’t even know about this stat since he is at the NCAA women’s golf championships in Arkansas. Always golf first!

40 thoughts on “USC Makes History Under Lynn Swann

  1. Schtoink, SUCCX loses on.

    But hey Rah-Rah’s, SUCCX did win something called the CrossTown Rivalry Cup, sponsored by Wally’s Cholo Burritos.



    1. What a retard you are. Had ucla won the Cross Town you would have crowed endlessly. I am surprised Cerritos let you in. Probably a few night classes before your graveyard shift at Del Rey Taco in Lawndale.

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      1. I have to commend Scott on the mature way he’s handled this —he WAITED for this headline. No predictions —just patience [ever secure in the knowledge Swann would provide for him eventually]. And now he deserves his day of happiness…..

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      2. James —Maybe James Dickey —gritty poet & novelist (e. g., “Deliverance”)….

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      3. James —Really good point. You can’t have a court wherein the accused has to rely on the Prosecutor to present his or her side of the story. I mean, come on.

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      4. Agreed – it was, at least to someone, a good idea (and actually could be a good idea, if you had a truly independent person in the position…but that’s like hoping you have an independent person in any number of other positions)…

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      5. Yes, it always comes back to that – I’m sure Buckminster Fuller would concur (no matter how intricate the architecture…no matter how clever the mouse trap…it will always come back to the quality of the people)…

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    2. Hey dufus, I was wondering while you sit here fiddling, what in the name of chocolate chip is going on in westwierd? You make fun but have you looked at your own team lately?

      21% of the roster has entered the transfer portal…. that’s right 18 ruins have filed for the ncaa version of “get me the F’ out of here”!!! What is old Wasserman thinking?? Money well spent!!

      “There must be some kind of way outta here, said the joker to the thief…”


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    1. The three major sports Coaches have been around now for enough
      years to have done something a lot more. Fire all their asses starting
      with Dan Hubbs in Baseball when he arrives on the tarmac from
      Oregon this weekend. Swann needs to resign or be promoted to a
      fund raising Chief of Staff .


  2. Yes Swann has not been great but now you are criticizing him for actually being at an event where a USC team is competing??? (Assuming he is there.) Come on now. I thought your angle has been that he is not engaged as an AD… you can’t have it both ways man.

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  3. That’s what happens when you hire unqualified Clowns 🤡 as your athletic director. They give underachieving football coaches $17 million dollars extensions, and hire a washed up loser as the women’s basketball coach. Clueless Lynn’s actions speak for themselves…. 😂😂

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  4. Carol Folt comes from a university with a premier hoops program, and thus she can see what a premier program can mean more broadly for a university.

    Hopefully this means she will be interested in turning SC athletics around. And hopefully she looks OUTSIDE the university for new leadership.

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    1. 67 —I think it’s a bad sign that Carol has been walking around campus telling everybody, “Lynn is the love of my life —I just wanna give him a neck hug.”

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      1. You all are certainly entertaining during this ‘dead’ period (and I mean that benignly) – it’s like having a copy of a reimagined USC-themed “Team of Rivals”…heck, even the Mule (Owns) has role (Andrew Johnson I’m thinking)…

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      2. James —I like to think of Owns more as Mordred (as played by Roddy McDowell)….

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    1. Yep. Any literary name that begins with “Mord..” is probably gonna be handed out to a villain or a bad location…..
      —Sergio Leone

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      1. Michael,

        I look at Just Rent and Igor from Mel Brook’s, Frankenstein. Marty Feldman played the part. But I know Marty is smarter than Just Rent.

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      2. James —The Academy’s passing over McDowell for his Cornelius performance ranks down there with passing over Martin Short for Clifford…..

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      1. Guys. Guys. Time to read the lyrics of “The 7 Deadly Virtues” again. It’s almost as though it was written for and dedicated to Owns on his first birthday.

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