Afternoon Notes: Ask Washington About Losing A Tradition

If you think USC playing an FCS school is no big deal, ask Washington fans if they regret their school doing it for the first time in 2011?

It’s not that the Huskies only beat Eastern Washington, 30-27. It’s that Washington lost a point of prestige for its program. It was one of only four schools to never play an FCS school. That changed under Steve Sarkisian, who also wanted USC to wear white alternate uniforms. He wreaked havoc everywhere he went.

  • Former USC defensive backs coach Willie Mack Garza (pictured) has been hired as an assistant at Wyoming. He was fired by USC after the NCAA uncovered recruiting violations while he worked for Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

It’s been a long road back. Garza spent the past two seasons at Dixie State, a Division II school in Utah. He had been hired by Texas A&M-Commerce earlier this year. It always seemed to me that Garza got a little bit of raw deal because he was punished and Kiffin was not for the violations.

  • Washington State did not even wait for the baseball season to end to fire coach Marty Lees, who is in his fourth season. USC should move that fast sometime.
  • The NFL Network and Conference USA have agreed to a four-year deal that will broadcast 10 games each year on the network. Can you imagine the Pac-12 striking a deal that makes this much sense?
  • The No. 1-ranked USC women’s golf team lost to Arizona, 3-2, this afternoon in the NCAA quarterfinals.

14 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: Ask Washington About Losing A Tradition

  1. Along with Sark’s desire for white alternative uniforms and wanting to play an FCS school for USC, he also angered a number of former players with the #55 jersey.

    If I remember, he gave it to an offensive lineman to wear. A couple of former 55’s were pissed, big dudes like McGinest and Keith Rivers. They let Sark know that they felt disrespected that Sark didn’t know about the 55 LB tradition and Sark backed off and claimed he didn’t know.

    In terms of personality Sark is going to go down as the biggest loser HC USC has ever hired. Although Helton is a close second.


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    1. How could Sark have not known of the #55 tradition after coaching under Pete Carroll? Talk about a shameless liar. Yet Pat Haden hired him over Ed Orgeron.

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  2. I think if Steve Sarkisian wasn’t a drunk, and loyal to his wife, he would’ve worked out great for USC . So hopefully he’ll get himself together, and get another shot at a head coaching position.


      1. Just watched again, Arturo. You’re right….

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    1. If he was any good he should have shown it by now – everywhere he’s gone he’s been ‘average’ at best. Declined to work as HC for OAK….went to WA Huskies 24 – 21 conference record (no wonder he wanted to play FCS schools). His record here was only marred by his showing up at practices intoxicated. Sacked by Haden … gets signed by AL nd promoted to OC …. he leaves to go to the ATL Falcons (a favor given him by Rich McKay) as their OC takes their scoring from a 2016 league leading 33.8 to 22.1 in 1 year. He was fired after the 2018 season and back to AL.

      Sarkisian is like so many in any profession – for some reason they keep getting re-hired by a new corporation or team even though he’s done nothing to warrant any real interest.

      He’s a joke

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      1. Sark’s ability to get re-hired is more grating than Lane’s ability to do it.

        I remember Lane and Sark’s old nickname used to be “Dumb & Dumber.”


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  3. Dan Guerrero….’fat man walking…..’ Maybe he can hook up with Earvin Johnson and Steve Garvey on that motivational ‘get up off your %&&’ shtick …. next gig Arena Auditorium in Laramie-WY……

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    1. Commie Lush, are you mad – Poor thing!

      Perhaps, Commie Lush, a pint or three of “Jujitsukins is my savior” Vodka might chamfer your edge.



  4. Another big time choke job by an athletic program. The women Golf Team this time. What is the point of being ranked #1 for most of the season when you can’t even make the final four? Join Water Polo, Soccer,
    Lacrosse, Tennis and Beach Volleyball of teams losing early & later in NCAA tournament.

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