In Praise Of Freshmen Basketball

In the middle of UCLA’s domination in basketball under John Wooden, USC actually had a freshman team that went 18-1 and swept the Bruins freshman team during the 1971-72 season.

The Trojans even beat UCLA, 89-86, at Pauley Pavilion.

The top Trobabes were forward Clint Chapman (17.7 points per game), forward Bill Boyd (15.4), guard Gus Williams (14.3), forward John Lambert (13.5), guard Biff Burrell (11.9), forward Carlos Mina (8.9) and guard Jeff Reinke (7.9).

The only loss was a double-overtime setback to Hancock College that included a four-hour bus ride to Santa Maria. In case you wondered, the UCLA freshmen team featured forward Dave Meyers and guard Pete Trgovich.

19 thoughts on “In Praise Of Freshmen Basketball

    1. Remind us Commie Lush, what position did Gilbert play on the UCLA BB team? And I’d be interested to see your evidence of Gilbert in a UCLA vs Felony U 1960’s or ’70’s BB box score.

      When all is said and done:

      Wooden: won 10 BB NC’s on the court, not in Gibert’s backyard.

      Last but not least, Wooden never had to employ a recruits Ta-Ta to so the recruit would attend UCLA

      Andyain’twinning has employed Isaiah Mobley’s Ta-Ta as an Asst. BB coach. So Mobley’s Ta-Ta’s collects a Felony U check and Isaiah uses his Ta-Ta as an ATM while playing BB for Felony U.

      Or as I see it, Felony U is paying I. Mobley to play bozo BB using his Ta-Ta as the cutout/paymaster. Smell the stench, Commie Lush?



      1. He played godfather to the team.

        Abortion anyone? Perhaps a coupe?

        Why don’t you check what Walton and others who played for him said? You freakin little ostrich.

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      2. Pudly, here is just a bit of what Walton had to say:

        “UCLA players were so well taken care of – far beyond the ground rules of the NCAA – that even players from poor backgrounds never left UCLA prematurely (for pro basketball) during John Wooden’s championship years.

        “If the UCLA teams of the late 1960s and early 1970s were subjected to the kind of scrutiny (other schools) have been, UCLA would probably have to forfeit about eight national championships and be on probation for the next 100 years.

        “I hate to say anything that may hurt UCLA, but I can’t be quiet when I see what the NCAA is doing (to other coaches) only because (they have) a reputation for giving a second chance to many black athletes other coaches have branded as troublemakers. The NCAA is working night and day trying to get (them), but no one from the NCAA ever questioned me during my four years at UCLA.”

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  1. The best was his putting ‘dimes’ on the rim to make them ‘leap’ or even better that ‘reformation based’ breakfast of ‘melba toast’ and ‘weak tea’ kind of the pallor of ‘jonniekins’…..translucent and sticky…..

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    1. Gee whiz, Commie Lush has jumped the tracks of coherence.

      Instead, Lush prefers to dwell in the realm of dipsomania & DT’s fantasy.

      On the one hand, Lush whines on, & on, & on, & on, & on about UCLA’s BB history of 40+ years ago.

      But, and this is a big Commie Lush BUT, on the other hand, it’s OK for Andyain’twinning to pay his BB players via his asst. ATM Coach Mobley. And curiously, not one word of T. Blanton Felony conviction for cheating while in the employ of Felony U’s BB program.

      As I recall, nobody from the Wooden BB Program years was busted by FBI or the specific subject of the Federal Indictment.

      Lastly, the classy bozo dipso, Commie Lush, fails to provide evidence that Sam Gilbert ever suited up as UCLA BB player and earned on court minutes.



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    1. Win aided.

      Dear Pusley, you pathetic Clown, what might Mr. Christon run the hundred in, in full FB game gear?

      I’m really surprised LA fishwrap had a reporter at a state track meet. I thought all the fishwrap reporters were camped out at UCLA waiting for your claimed FBI bust!


  3. Dear Pusley, you immaculate beer fart, kindly ‘splain this example of your ESL skills:

    “Perhaps a coupe?”

    WTF, Pusley Dear, where oh where are the subject and predicate? And Pusley auld sod, what be a “coupe”?



      1. Dear Pusley, you sock stench:

        coupé[ koo-pey or for 1, 5, koop ]SHOW IPA
        a short, four-wheeled, closed carriage, usually with a single seat for two passengers and an outside seat for the driver.

        the end compartment in a European diligence or railroad car.

        Ballet. an intermediary step to transfer the weight from one foot to the other.

        (in Continental heraldry) party per fess.

        Pusley Dear, you definitely need surgery to extract your pinhead from where the sun doesn’t shine.



      2. You’re an idiot, short and sweet.
        You have taken to lying and misrepresenting your self even worse than before. You walk on any car lot and ask to see their
        You are lying also when you make this comment….”Dear Pusley, you clueless weeny, “Verfulchte hure” means absolutely nothing in Deutsche.
        Which leads me to conclude Pusley Dear, you’re moronic dummkopf in two languages.”
        If you or anyone else would google the term you’d find your answer. Of course you’ll need to get your mommy to change the parental controls for you.
        And btw, German was one of the languages I spoke from birth.

        Dummes esel.



      1. Wehe, du hoppelst uns davon, du verfluchte Hure.
        Don’t you hop away from us, you dumb ******* whore


  4. Poor, poor Owns. What a brilliant display of stupidity on this page. You must have some sort of disability or learning disorder. Sam Gilbert was real. He paid for a Curtis Rowe abortion, cars, clothes etc. That stuttering nabob Walton says so. Is he making it up? Your Cerritos education is failing you. Back to the drive through line, I need more sauce for my tacos…

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    1. The NCAA is so corrupt and incompetent that it took the LA Times article, in which they reported about the Gilbert-financed abortions, clothes, cars, etc. based on interviews with the players from the Wooden years, for the NCAA to take action against ucla. And they wouldn’t investigate the 1960s and early 1970s teams because they were afraid of the sh*tstorm that would occur if they had to take away 8 of the 10 natties that Walton correctly identifies as occurring with significant rules violations.

      The players all admit it – abortions, clothes, cars, stereos, and Wooden knew it as well, as described in Seth Davis’ book.

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