Sunday Buzz: Urban Meyer Speaks About USC

Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer spoke to the Columbus Dispatch on Friday about his new job at the university and new lifestyle.

Naturally he was asked about all the speculation he would coach at USC.

“I learned my lesson long ago,” he said. “All I’m going to say is I believe I’m done (coaching). I think I’m done.”

Meyer also spoke about the arachnoid cyst on his brain that can cause headaches and was a reason he left coaching.

“It’s the pressure from yelling — the intensity, noise,” Meyer said. “It’s the intensity that forces the cyst to rupture.”

5 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Urban Meyer Speaks About USC

  1. So no Urban for Ghetto U.

    If Dear Pusley didn’t suffer from cryptorchidism Urban could hire Pusley to do his yelling for him.


      1. Where is your outrage for Asian girl molesting institution, sodomizing football players and dishonest balcony jumping heros??

        #sodemyU #1inMolestingstudents


      2. I don’t hide from the fact like ruins hiding their inner Rodney Alcala. Oh, btw, who is this Rodney and why did he have to leave town so quick?


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