USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Kenan Christon

The future USC tailback/sprinter (pictured above) tied a California state record with a wind-legal 10.30 seconds at the state championship track meet. The question is how long Christon can do football and track without having to choose only one. This is addressed here.

“Plan A, as his father calls it, is to play football for USC in the fall and run college track in the spring, and then see where he stands. Maybe do it again as a sophomore and a junior and a senior. Maybe play in the NFL and run in an Olympics.”

Minyon Moore

The USC women’s basketball team’s best player spent three years playing for Cynthia Cooper and Mark Trakh and now gets to go to Oregon and compete for a national title.

Angie Annelus

She ran the 200 meters in 22.36 seconds at the NCAA West Regionals, the top NCAA time this season, second-best in the world and third-best on USC’s all-time list. She was the key and under-reported reason USC won the NCAA title last season and amazingly, spent her first two seasons at UCLA.

USC baseball

The Trojans won four of their final six series. Too little too late. But if Lynn Swann actually does his job, a coaching change should be imminent.


Dan Hubbs

The Trojans finished 25-29-1 in his seventh season. Overall, he is 188-200-1 with a lone NCAA Tournament appearance in 2015. That was four years ago and the program has stagnated since because Swann doesn’t care about baseball.

Steve Lopes

The USC senior associate athletic director told the Athletic: “We’re looking at schools that might not even be FBS, which I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We may get criticized if and when we do it, but everybody does it.”

USC recruiting

A four-cornerback from Arizona eliminates USC. A four-star offensive lineman from Colorado eliminates USC.

And . . . nobody . . . cares.

16 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Kenan Christon = Showboating!

    He’ll fit right in at Felony U because the bozos celebrate a missed tackle or an opponents TD.


    1. You know if you stopped pissing in the wind, you wouldn’t have to keep wiping your face.

      What happened to the ruin yesterday, did he miss a turn during the race?


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      1. Why don’t you two brothers and your other brother Buddah just kiss and make up… your mom is calling you up for Sunday meatloaf dinner. Get off your asses and go upstairs from your basement…. you punk ass losers need to go get a job! I’m talking to your Pudly and Justowns!


      2. Dear Pusley, you bloated swine, as usual, the obese mouth and a dearth of comprehension or film time.

        BTW Pusley Dear, UCLA has played its way into the NCAA Softball WS.

        Where did the Felony U Softball team finish in the Pac-12 standings? Did they do better than the Men’s loser Baseball team?

        I forgot Pusley Dear, Mighty Felony U doesn’t field a Softball team. As I understand it SUCCX had a choice of fielding Softball team or starting 12 chick pinochle team.

        Obviously, SUCCX went with the pinochle club because it would easy for Felony U to demand up to $500k for unqualified students to receive a SUCCX pinochle scholarship. What a RACKET!



      3. The liar in you is hard to overcome I know, but the only school in LA that sold scholarships is in westwierd. Of course what does the truth matter to a wannabe that worships at the altar of the greatest cheaters in sports history.



      1. He’s left the truth so far behind him it’s comical. No semblance of reason. He’s only hoping that people read his crap and believe it because they saw it on the interweb…

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      2. 67, unless Dear Pusley spoon feeds & explains to you his cut and paste crap, you’re clueless as an empty tomato can.


      1. Dear Pusley, the corpulent blob, couldn’t run 10 yards in 12 seconds, but Pusley Dear does unsolicited Olympic games T & F analysis P/T.



      2. I can read and understand the results unlike you who doesn’t understand anything…
        Wooden cheated. His pyramid is a fraud.


  2. To put Christon’s 10.30 mark in perspective, Adoree Jackson ran 10.38 (as best as I can find). Christon had an earlier 10.24 wind aided mark. Now Jackson has field vision and anticipation that is almost unrivaled, nevertheless Christon is nearly 1/10th second faster on a straight line run. Adoree had a 4.42-forty yard dash time. Isaac Taylor Stuart has a 4.25-second 40 yard dash time. Christon has a 4.51-forty yard dash time. And SC is still assigning kick off returners that run 4.7 forty time.

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  3. Ted: “I’m talking to your(sic) Pudly and Justowns!”

    Owns: Please Teddy, the “J” s/b lower case.

    Teddy, do 10 “wisky” shots in 8 minutes and you won’t give a damn; plus you’ll feel good about yourself.


  4. scottie made a big deal out of a freshman leaving after changing his mind. Made it seem like he had insight into how and why the decision was made….

    I wonder what the big news happening this week will be. We sure could use some around here. But don’t expect a reasonable spin around here. Still, there is something going on and I can feel it in my bones….


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