Oddsmakers Giving USC Lots Of Points

Here are early USC point spreads from the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas:

-3 vs. Stanford

+9.5 vs. Washington

+12.5 vs. Notre Dame

+1 vs. Oregon

-5 vs. UCLA

Double-digit underdog for Notre Dame. Nearly double digits at Washington. USC gets a point at the Coliseum vs. Oregon.

The oddsmakers are not impressed with Clay Helton. Or JT Daniels.

9 thoughts on “Oddsmakers Giving USC Lots Of Points

  1. 😂😂😂😂… It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who thinks Clueless Clay Helton is a Clown 🤡 , who couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. And the funny part about all of this, is USC probably has the most talent in the PAC 12 😂

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  2. SCooter,

    A big mistake ASSuming Daniels will start. A very simple question, if Jack Sears starts, do the point spreads change and to what? We wants to know.

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  3. The funniest thing about the spreads is that, if USC beats Stanford (as predicted), the spread will change radically for our games versus Notre Dame and Washington….

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  4. If SC can play to their potential and not make stupid mistakes in these games, all of these games are verily easily winnable games. The dbs need to know how to shut their traps, hit up to the whistle, and don’t go to the opposite side and spew your mouth all over the field. Let Sears start and SC wins all of the games.

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    1. pt —I’ll see your hit “up to the whistle” and raise you to “hit to the last echo of the whistle” (especially when it comes Notre Dame). But I am not at all sold on Sears as the 2019 QB (even though I think he has talent). Everybody keeps forgetting that Arizona State was focused on stopping the RUN that day (and they did —we got fewer than 150 yards). Throwing for fewer than 250 under those circumstances was not that big a deal. As for Sears’ running ability, we don’t add that much to our Air Raid offense by having a dual threat qb. If, over the summer and fall practice, J. T. gets comfortable letting the ball go as soon as somebody gets open (Harrell’s “throw to the green grass” formula), we’ll be just fine.

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      1. I hate to interject a players point of view, especially a receiver’s, but maybe you should listen to Pittman again on the podcast by Maya.

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  5. Note USC favored over stanford? This is interesting as noted by the oddsmakers. When Harbaugh was coach he introduced a manic line drill that brought a whole new fervor to Palo Alto what they hadn’t seen in decades. He leaves Shaw inherits the program and now, some 8 years later stanford appears to be morphing back to what they were. Also the point spread against bel-air tech looks a bit low.

    The Princess should have at least 1 loss (@ GA 21st Sept.) possibly 2 (@ Louisville 2nd Sept.) prior to playing USC 12th Oct.. To give them a 12.5 point pick is nuts but it’s one way to pull the suckers in, esp. the Irish ones, to balance the wagers.

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