USC Afternoon Notes: Bru McCoy Update

There is a bit of a frenzy right now trying to figure out Bru McCoy‘s status. There’s been at least two reports McCoy entered the transfer portal. But McCoy’s father denied this today.

The feeling is McCoy will choose to transfer to USC. But it can take 1-2 days to notify Texas and request a release to officially enter the transfer portal.

  • Another name to consider for the USC baseball job: Former player Morgan Ensberg, who is currently a Class AA manager for the Tampa Bay Rays. He will have the support of some former players
  • USC will play LSU and San Diego State will face Utah in a doubleheader at Staples Center on Dec. 21.

13 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Bru McCoy Update

      1. Arturo,

        Tell that to Obuma who left babies in a room by themselves and wanting them to die on their own. That no good bum of a lying deceitful piece of feces as human being had no right to be president. He lied about his birth certificate, he did not release his school records, nor did he disclose any information pertaining to him. Tell that to the American people when he said that the USA is not a Christian Nation. He can kiss my Christian A#S, that piece of feces. The country was built on the Christian/Judeo faith and not on the faith of the butchers, islam.


  1. Whatever he decides, Bru McCoy will always be a Californian at heart. Right after Mater Dei defeated IMG Academy, Bru said that Califlorida debate about football was”finally over” and that Cali had won. The fact that he knew about the Califlorida rivalry and cared enough to mention it after his school’s victory, speaks to its importance to him and the pride that he and every Californian has about playing in the country’s #1 football state.
    Fast forward to UT’s spring football camp where most UT players would be so- pro Texas, so- anti everywhere else, so anti- Cali, so proud, so Hook’em that it would drive Bru crazy and, more importantly, make it plainly obvious that he was not amongst friends, but, rather, amongst enemies.


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    1. That’s super true, and also the weather. I grew up in torrance and went to SC for undergrad, I’ve lived in Austin for about 10 years now. It was a pretty huge shock going from one of the most temperate climates on earth to TEXAS. A few days ago it was 37 degrees until 9am, then it jumped to a dry 85 by 11:30, by 12:15 the humidity rolled in then at 4pm it was 96 and humid and started raining. Not California rain, we got about 6 inches over the next 4 hours and a dam broke in new braunfels. Giant bolts of lightning every 45 seconds the entire time. By 10pm there wasn’t a cloud in the sky but it was still hot so the ground had dried.

      True story, but I could be wrong on the exact times because this happens twice a week. As a California kid, it’s tough to get used to- I had to start checking weather reports and carrying an umbrella. His recruiting visits were probably during the 2 predictable months.


      1. I grew up in LA and Seattle, and was engaged to a gal and had a house in Lago Vista that I’d travel back and forth to. You are spot-on with the weather, and other than a few months from October-March, I thought it sucked. I can’t stand the humidity and the weather from most of early May-September. I agree with you. It’s a pretty area FOR TEXAS (compared to everywhere else there), but it lacks far behind the West Coast and the golden Pacific. They can keep it. I got sick of seeing burnt orange, and the whole “Texas pride-we’re our own country-don’t mess with Texas-this place is so cool” shit became annoying after awhile. “Hey Buford, it’s not that cool, you’re not that cool.” Since breaking up with her, I’ve been back twice for business in the last few years, and it reaffirmed I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. Had some fun, met some cool people, but am glad I left.


      2. Looks lie you may be the last to escape the hell hole California has become! Grab the flag when you make up your mind to leave!


  2. Let’s not blame the kid. We’ve all been homesick unlike Bru however most of us weren’t highly ranked recruits. Some of us came home others didn’t ., The NCAA is a multi million dollar money machine . Coaches , school officials all make maga money while these kids put it in the line. I get that they have their schooling paid for . But please let’s remember these are 17, 18, 19 year old kids. Who happen to run fast or can throw and catch a football . This portal gives. Kids a chance to make a change if they’re choose too.


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