USC Pulls A Not-USC Move

I hear a search committee is being formed to hire a new baseball coach.

That is a very unlike-USC move. It’s also what happens because the people involved in the hire have absolutely no clue what to do with the baseball job.

34 thoughts on “USC Pulls A Not-USC Move

  1. Maybe just maybe they have decided that the old way isn’t working and it’s time to shake things up.
    Nah they are doing it to bug Scott

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    1. I heard personally from Lynn while he was signing several balls for me, that every move he does is just to antagonize scottie. The search committee is made up of the former students who entered school under less than ethical standards as part of their work release program. He said they couldn’t do any worse than he, and it would give scottie 6 mons of new material. Olivia is being dispatched to help scottie edit his copy as a personal favor to scottie.

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  2. So you’d ridicule them if they didn’t form a search committee and you’re ridiculing them because they did?

    Tonight on “I Fucking Hate USC”, with your host – Scott Wolf.

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    1. Globe is one of the few that think the idiots that have managed to turn USC into the clusterfuck it has become over the last decade are doing a good job.

      Globe is another Pudwacker alias.

      Globe has replaced Pudly’s alter ego…Gabby.



  3. I doubt any gifted coach wants to come to USC until Swann is gone….most know this ‘househand’ is walking a plank along with that smart move in retaining Helton. The again giving Helton an extension ensured the ‘househand’ didn’t have to actually look for a new coach and thus I give you…

    “…. search committee is being formed to hire a new baseball coach.”

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  4. Savage and Gracia headline UCLA’s record 8 all Pac-12 honors.

    Pac-12 Player of the Year/Batting Champion: Adley Rutschman, Oregon State
    Pac-12 Co-Defensive Players of the Year: Maverick Handley, Stanford & Adley Rutschman, Oregon State
    ***Pac-12 Pitcher of the Year: Ryan Garcia, UCLA
    Pac-12 Freshman of the Year: Austin Wells, Arizona
    ***Pac-12 Coach of the Year: John Savage, UCLA

    All-Conference Team:
    Hunter Bishop Arizona State
    Cameron Cannon Arizona
    Chris Clarke USC
    Andrew Daschbach Stanford
    Oliver Dunn Utah
    *Ryan Garcia UCLA
    Maverick Handley Stanford
    Jared Horn California
    Nick Kahle Washington
    *Ryan Kreidler UCLA
    Korey Lee California
    Lyle Lin Arizona State
    Jack Little Stanford
    Connor Lunn USC
    Alec Marsh Arizona State
    Will Matthiessen Stanford
    Alex McGarry Oregon State
    *Garrett Mitchell UCLA
    Jake Mulholland Oregon State
    Ryne Nelson Oregon
    Clay Owens USC
    *Holden Powell UCLA
    Nick Quintana Arizona
    *Jack Ralston UCLA
    Adley Rutschman OSU
    Quentin Selma California
    Spencer Steer Oregon
    *Jack Stronach UCLA
    *Chase Strumpf UCLA
    *Michael Toglia UCLA
    Spencer Torkelson Arizona State
    Andrew Vaughn California
    Brandon Wulff Stanford

    How about them Bruins.



      1. ***Chances are Mr. Harris, 6′ 5″ 245, with 2 years eligibility left, hasn’t been hurt (broken bones) in an MC accident or suffered 3 – 4 concussions during UCLA practices or games. Additionally, Harris didn’t need his mommy & daddy + daddy’s attorney to help him xfer to UCLA. I welcome Mr. Harris to the UCLA FB program & wish him good luck

        You, on the other hand, Dear Pusley, a moronic twat, continue to prove your pinhead is tightly jammed up your kazoo.

        Ding goes the Vic Bell



      2. 5* to 0* and somehow in your mind it’s a net gain…fuzzy math again? Fool, he’s so hurt he’ll start for the canes this year.

        Dumbass wannabe ruin



    1. Jiminey complain about cut and paste? You sir are a knucklehead. But at least here there’s someone to see it not like your ruin sites.

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  5. All you have to do is look at Lynn Swann’s short history of either extending a contract to an unqualified, Clown of a football coach, and his selection of the retread Mark Trakh , and it’s no surprise that the University decided to go with a search firm. If Clueless Clay If fired after the season, Swann’s poor decision making will cost USC $15 plus million dollars, then add the cost of a search firm, because of his inability to evaluate a quality coach. .. Unbelievable!!!


  6. So now USC doesn’t just have one idiot from it’s clueless athletic dept. looking to make a coaching hire, it has a committee of idiots from it’s clueless athletic dept. putting their heads together…that should go well.



  7. So Graham Harrell has a 2022 QB scholarship offer to a Tennessee player, Ty Simpson. Here’s the write up on Simpson…

    Simpson completed 48 percent of pass attempts as a freshman with eight interceptions and 12 TDS (video highlights atop article) per an article by the Jackson Sun’s Joseph Spears. It was a rough season for Simpson as Westview finished the fall with a 2-8 record. But he entered this offseason with a new perspective for his prep career.


    Do any of you Graham Harrell fans care to try and explain that one?


    1. It seems that other programs think highly of him, despite the record you note above. He also has offers from Michigan, LSU, Auburn, Penn State, Tennessee.


      1. And how many of those programs rely heavily on the passing game? Seems to me they all focus on having a power running game.


      2. I am not sure how you define a power running game. If it is in terms of rushing attempts per game, then Auburn and LSU are both around the median in terms of number of rushing attempts per game. Michigan and Penn State run somewhat more than the median. Some of the other schools he has offers from run less.


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