Josh Imatorbhebhe And Derryck Thornton Pick Schools

Wide receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe is transferring to Illinois, where he will join wide receiver Trevon Sidney and defensive end Oluwole Betiku.

“First and foremost I want to thank God for the peace he’s brought me during this time as well as to everyone else who has been involved in this long and drawn out process,” Imatorbhebhe said.

He’s right about the drawn out part. Illinois has become the USC of the Midwest.

But it’s also worth wondering with so many players in the NCAA transfer portal whether options were limited for some players.

Meanwhile, point guard Derryck Thornton has decided to transfer to Boston College. Thornton has now attended Duke, USC and Boston College. He was underwhelming at Duke and USC.

3 thoughts on “Josh Imatorbhebhe And Derryck Thornton Pick Schools

  1. To be clear I didn’t know who Thornton was, but I am sure in the case of both of these former Trojans we will hear from them until their grandchildren names their school of preference. It’s the Scott Wolf way to keep tabs on exTrojans. Has anyone heard from Max Whittek?

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  2. Can’t wait until Imatorbhebhe terrorizes the Illinois training room. Nobody is more at home in the training room than on the field than Imatorbhebhe!


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