Kevin Porter Falls To No. 30

All the talk about Kevin Porter being a possible lottery pick and he dropped to the last pick of the first round, where he was taken by Cleveland.

Looks like the fears about his character mattered.

14 thoughts on “Kevin Porter Falls To No. 30

      1. Yes, this is about as snarky and bitter as anyone might write about Porter. Hope the young fella has a great career. Fight on Kevin!

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  1. Is there anything that you celebrate or are you a jerk about everything,SW? Guy is 19 years old and has just realized a life long dream. This is a life altering moment for him and his family and you want to decide to be petty and small- minded. Pathetic.

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      1. What about the ugly funkie that got picked up by the Clippers in the second round, almost the last pick by the Clippers and was shipped off to some loser nba team? I was surprised he was looked at. I guess the team had to draft because they were told to.


    1. So you just can’t be happy for the kid, Ray? Didn’t do anything for the university? OK, how about this: He was a top recruit who signed to play basketball at a school not necessarily known for its basketball team and , in recruiting circles, this is big as it paves the way for other top ranked recruits to follow. This immediately happens the very next year as the Trojans sign a top five class nationally. It didn’t work out for him this year and this happens. Call it the Reggie Bush affect.



      1. If KP was so good why didn’t Andyain’twinning get the expected BB performance from KP?

        I understand KP is donating $5.00 to the bozo BB program.


      2. Owns,
        Just because a player didnt fit in a system or play well, doesnt mean he isnt going good or doesnt have potential. Enfield isnt absolvef from this either, but just take a look at Nassir Little who had just as much hype as Zion did coming out of high school then didnt even start a Carolina. He, like Porter, got selected in the first round based largely on potential.

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    2. Rah Rahs must defend Football Head Enfield’s non-achieving basketball program. Maybe Enfield can hire some more Dads of blue chips.


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