USC Loses Top Prospect To Washington

Although USC’s offensive line recruiting has been nothing but two-or-three star prospects, the Trojans’ ace in the hole was Mater Dei four-star offensive lineman Myles Murao.

Just go back and look at how the USC recruiting sites fawned over Murao the past two years and did the wink-and-nod routine to signal Murao would be a future Trojan.

Not anymore. Murao committed to Washington tonight.

Not even the USC homer pundits can spin this as a good development. Murao is ranked the No. 1 center in the nation by Rivals.

Someone will now say Murao got scared off by USC’s current centers, which is laughable. Murao can also play guard.

In the past 10 days, USC has lost four-star offensive linemen from Southern California to Michigan (Jeffrey Persi), Stanford (Drake Metcalf) and Washington (Murao).

Does anyone still think recruits are impressed with USC offensive line coach Tim Drevno?

Let’s face it: The only way to get these recruits to USC is to have a new coach come in and recruit them.

24 thoughts on “USC Loses Top Prospect To Washington

    1. Which one of you @ssholes messed up??!! I give you bags of MONEY and pay for hoes to recruit this kid and you mess up??!! Did you guays suck the wrong guys pipi??!!



      1. Try not to forget ’86:

        UCLA 37 – kal’s manly man fb team 7 @ Dandelion Canyon.



  1. Don’t blame Tim Drevno for the poor reputation, and image that Clay Helton, and Neil Calloway created. It was very clear Calloway was in over his head after the first year, but he was allowed to fester in mediocrity. Helton has everything he needs at USC to go get the top recruits, year after year, but he lacks the necessities for what it takes. And those coaches at mid level programs, who do more with less, would love the opportunity to be in Helton’s shoes.

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    1. I would go further and claim that Callaway was perhaps the worst o-line coach among Power 5 teams. Watching those painful video interviews from last year, he certainly had a horrible attitude, and showed virtually no interest in his job.

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  2. Mauro was Crystal balled 100% to USC. He’s a home grown player?

    Metcalf’s aunt and Mom are USC alumni his grandmother was a superfan.

    How do you loose out on both?

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  3. I thought usc recruited itself ..

    Isn’t that what you’ve been saying for years, so as to not give credit to the recruiters..

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      1. You’re right, gt — Clay’s goofy 2018 conduct and statements add up to one big turn off for recruits. But it wasn’t always that way. And it doesn’t have to continue that way. He can go out a winner if he gracefully fades out of the picture and allows Graham to run the show. This should be a transitional year for USC football: the old vet passing the torch……and moving on.

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  4. Recruiting is a fickle beast. That being said I know that USC has not gone hard after anyone they thought they had in the bag. They lost a kid whose mom is an alum because they never bothered to see him. The lack of attention to details brings back the Hacket era. I used post in the local newspaper that Paul couldn’t Hacket and it was true. He had no big men on the team and even fewer talented men. Back then USC did recruit itself and that’s the only way we won any games.
    USC needs to hit the bricks and stop picking the low hanging fruit. Good coaches only go so far without talented players and we have neither coming in the near future.

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  5. Whether he realizes it or not (okay, let’s assume he doesn’t realize it) Lynn Swann has placed TREMENDOUS pressure on Helton to win this year. If he wins, everything is fine — we’ll be right back to ‘USC recruits itself’ and have a top ten 2020 class. But if we bomb, the future looks bleak. Our 2020 class will be so bad that it’ll serve as a disincentive to any first rate coach thinking of taking the job.
    Bottom Line: USC has the tools to win in 2019. And it MUST win in 2019 —or fans better get ready for a VERY long dry spell.

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    1. MG, with the Alligator at the helm & the cheap lace bozo defense, Felony U will be hard pressed to finish 4 – 8. As the bozos stumble l toward their 2nd straight losing season, the NCAA will have launched a major investigation into the Rick Courtright allegations, and, if true, severe FB sanctions or the Death Penalty should spill on the Felony U FB program.

      Personally, with all due respect MG, I think the Death Penalty is reasonable; Felony U FB deserves the worst because they’ve earned it.



      1. Here’s my honest take, Owns — (1) We’ll know everything we need to know about Harrell, the new offense and the new J. T. by the end of the first half of the Stanford game. I suspect USC will look better than you think. Certainly 10 points a game better (which will be enough to have a very good season). (2) Allegations are not the same as evidence. Let’s wait and see how this thing plays out (if they are true, though, USC will be back in a world of hurt).
        Happy 4th by the way!

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      2. You don’t have to worry about any investigations!! I have all the money in the world to buy any judiciary favors for my beloved university! How do you think I kept OJ, Josh Shah and Tony Bland out of jail??!!


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  6. He committed, didnt sign anything. Only thing on display is SW’s loser mentality of throwing in the towel and giving up. Win 9 games, and recruits will flip back. Lose 6 games, Helton will be fired, but SW will still have a loser’s mentality.


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  7. Clay Helton is the reason Murao didn’t commit to USC.

    The kid wants to develop his talent and progress and not have to worry about showing the love to Helton in order to get playing time.

    Clay Helton is a second rate coach and a first rate clown.


  8. We’ll continue losing kids until Urban Meyer is announced the new head coach.

    I’m not feeling Drevno right now. Yeah we’re a mess, but he’s not getting any looks from any kids.
    I mean Goddddddaammmmmnn!


  9. Perhaps he chose Washington because it’s a great school (rated higher than USC in almost every world university ranking) and has arguably the best coaching staff outside of Bama and Clemson….and most of that staff has been together for a decade and a half.

    And, for all of it’s problems with terrible government, nothing matches the disaster that is Los Angeles and the state of California. A lot of kids just want to escape this place and if you want to stay on the coast it’s UW or Oregon…. and that is where CA kids seem to be heading. I’m in Sacramento and none of these kids talk about Cal, USC or UCLA. It’s all UW and Oregon.


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