Saturday USC Notes

The Coliseum almost looks like it could handle a game from this view today.

  • St. John Bosco defeated Corona del Mar to win the Mission Viejo Passing Tournament. Mater Dei, with USC-bound QB Bryce Young, lost to St. John Bosco in the quarterfinals. USC quarterback JT Daniels was on hand to watch Mater Dei.
  • Former USC tennis player, Robert Farah, and his partner, Juan Sebastian Cabal, won the men’s doubles’ title at Wimbledon on Saturday.

12 thoughts on “Saturday USC Notes

  1. Beautiful pic! That bumped my home opener anticipation up a few pegs!

    Also major kudos to the Trojan tennis doubles champ.

    You’ve obviously found a new therapist given the last two days of semi-positive-interesting posts.

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    1. Now, wait for tebow to say that Mater Dei lost due to J. T. getting too close to the field……

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      1. I thought it was because BY is too short. Didn’t MD beat SJB a week or so ago using their freshman QB?

        C’mon MG, BY is 5’8″ in lift cleats. The Alligator doesn’t have much to worry about in BY.


      2. Bryce is maybe an inch and a half taller than that — and runs the 40 in about 5 seconds….

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  2. Some of those views up next to the presser …. I don’t know… but on the plus side we probably won’t be drawing that many to matter much.

    How many more 3 star linemen have us in their top 10 this week.

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      1. Very interesting, gt. Depending on what the “medical issue” was, this MAY be a case of a timid USC coaching staff being afraid to take a chance on a talented athlete (who MAY have turned his life around and DEFINITELY would have filled a position of dire need)…..

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      2. So Lane Kiffin finally figured out the importance of recruiting highly touted offensive linemen.

        Clay Helton still believes 4 & 5 star WR’s are what makes offenses great.

        The Errand Boy doesn’t get that in order to have a great offense, it always starts with the offensive line.


  3. The Clemson bound delicate snowflake DJUiagalelei won’t last 6 months in South Carolina before he starts missing his mommy.

    He’ll end up being an Oregon Duck.


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