USC Notes: Daniels Makes List

JT Daniels made the watch list for the Davey O’Brien Award. Maybe he should win the starting job first. Or is that just a formality with Clay Helton? Who trusts him?

  • USC is a 4-point favorite over BYU according to the Westgate Las Vegas sports book.

8 thoughts on “USC Notes: Daniels Makes List

  1. “JT Daniels made the watch list for the Davey O’Brien Award”


    89 yards passing vs Utah and 177 yards passing vs Oregon St.


  2. On this issue I am with Scott. Daniels has a one in four chance of being on the field at the start of the season. I will only be happy if he is selected after being the best in head to head competition. I don’t care who starts I just want the guy who will put us in the W column.

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  3. Flow. We know you hate Daniels. We know you hate Helton. We know you hate USC. Let’s turn a new leaf and only post positive things tomorrow. I realize that could be a tough task these days, but I think you can handle it. Have Chaz Bucket make your coffee runs. Post black and white pictures all day. That may steer you in an all-positive day.

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    1. 04 trOJan,
      You don’t come into a blog like this and talk to a man like the Wolfman or about the great Charlie Bucket like that!!

      trOJan, you are poor lost soul and I take pity on you but don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Wolfman and the great Bucket again. Ever.

      Unless you want to be swimming with the fishes…

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      1. Okay, I admit I loved this post, Ted. (But) you do know that the individual who uttered the words you quoted in the first paragraph (a half wit named Fredo) ends up eating a bullet, right?

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  4. JT Daniels looks, and plays like a broke John David Booty, an overrated player, who never live up to the hype. Is it just me, or does Daniels look like a 70’s porn star, with his creepy mustache, goatee, and greasy comb over ? 🤔

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  5. SCooter,

    When was Daniels named the starting qb? did miss something? I thought Harrell made the selection, not the selection committee for the award. So, does that mean if Sears starts, will he be on the award list? that means he beat out Daniels who is on the list.

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