USC Pictures Of The Day

Since the 1969 USC football team is still waiting to hear from the athletic dept. about its reunion, here is a picture from the 1970 Rose Bowl, a 10-3 victory over Michigan.

And below is another picture from the game of QB Jimmy Jones that shows the 100th anniversary of college football decal on the USC helmet.

6 thoughts on “USC Pictures Of The Day

  1. Loved that one-off 100th anniversary helmet. And what a great team. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year, yet they came out and beat Nebraska in the first game, I believe that Jimmy Jones was on the cover of SI that week.

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    1. What a great article, 67! Hope all Trojan fans read it. Jimmy Jones is more than someone you admire as a player —you admire him as a man.

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    2. Jones beat out Holmgren because he got injured the first week of practice. Jones fit much better into the offense McKay was trying to run then. Not much passing. Holmgren was the pro type drop back passer and not quick of foot. The only reason McKay went after Holmgren was to make sure he did not go to Cal or Stanford and have to face for three years.

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