Lynn Swann Sighting

Where’s Waldo? Who knows.

But we have a Lynn Swann sighting tonight. He is in Canton, Ohio, for the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend. Swann was spotted with former USC offensive lineman Bruce Matthews before the Broncos-Falcons exhibition game. I’ll try to post the photo later.

Last year, an NFL Hall of Famer said Swann did not sign autographs for kids during the weekend.

At least now we know where Swann is. Check out for the best golf courses in Canton.

19 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Sighting

    1. And sometimes, Alv, he’ll waive the $250 and just ask kids under 12 “how much ya got in your wallet?”

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  1. Swann is a complete pompous Twit!
    USC is down snd out, and this Dimwit is out is the NFL public!!
    I’ve heard he’s not liked by many of his NFL teammates!!!
    And I can say.. Not by many Ex USC players!!
    Swann and Helton should be shown the exit door after this upcoming losing season!!

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  2. **UCLA Football Recruiting: DB John Humphrey Commits to the Bruins.

    Humphrey (4 stars) chose UCLA over Oklahoma, Oregon, Arizona State, UC Berkeley, and Southern Cal.


    #Dinga goes the Vic Bell


    1. Mule you are a dingbat. Not to berate a potential college player but the guy is about as low a 3* as one can get. 6′ & 170lbs with no listed position.
      Fucla looses 28 outgoing in the transfer portal & is almost the lowest ranked class in the PAC12. Your highest rated 2020 guy is an alledged QB at 6’7″ & 210lbs from a town 3000 miles away of 5,000 people with no top tier competition. More like a H.S. point guard.


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      1. As the only person here who appreciates Owns, I say let him “clap” …

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      2. Whatever you say ’86. However, the pyrite Bears thought enough of Humphrey to offer him. – which obviously, he rejected.

        I’m told the reason Humphrey turned the Fools Gold Bear’s down is ’cause he didn’t wish to commit to a bitch FB team.


      3. Mule you dingbat. I can’t figure if you’re like rob reiner or jim carrey. Your brother queenie is def a michael moore clone.

        170lb guys are always good for the scout team. He’d be fourth team DB at CAL.


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      4. MG- I appreciate Owns as well. I think the guy has grit and never backs down from anybody.


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  3. Lynn Swann is unable to read and write. He had this problem at USC. While at USC, he was assigned a full time tutor who helped him with his homework. Coach McKay said he had “speed, soft hands and grace.” LOL When he ran for Governor of Pennsylvania, he was trounced by Ed Rendell. He then started his television ballet career on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.
    Episode 1484 – The Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Archive


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